More Kansas City Coronavirus Care Sites Considered By Missouri National Guard

Local options expanding . . .

KMBC: Missouri National Guard considering Adams Mark, Bartle Hall, as possible coronavirus care sites


"In addition to Hy-Vee Arena and Independence Events Center, which had been earlier visited by Governor Mike Parson, the new list includes the Adams Mark hotel and the Bartle Hall-KC Convention Center complex near downtown."

Developing . . .


  1. The Atheistic Commie Chinese Goverment did this deliberately in retaliation for Trumps tariff restrictions. Cut off the Chinks!

  2. How about City hall as a Corvid-19 remote hospital?, oh wait- people who have the virus want hope and hope never comes from that shithole, we can exclude Fire stations along with a City hall location.

  3. @12:53 Cut them off how?

    They'll just switch to other sources exactly as they did with soybeans after the first round of trade restrictions, buying from other Countries and bankrupting the American Farmers in the process.

    The only "products" that American still produces exclusively are Reality TV Shows and Conspiracy Theories, and I'm not too sure there's much demand for those in China.

  4. Byron Funkhouser4/4/20, 6:31 AM

    12:53, it was just an accident. Shit happens,

    This virus is zoo-tonic.

    Only American consumers were hurt by Der Fuhrer's stupid trade war.

  5. ^^^^
    I'm not sure eating bats and other wild animals is an accident.
    And neither is covering up the beginnings of a pandemic and penalizing the doctor who originally sounded the alarm and sadly, later died of the virus.
    Twisting everything to criticize Trump is an obsession.
    Perhaps medical aid is available.

  6. Why when there isn’t enough cases in Missouri to justify it?

  7. Hey anony 7:09,,,,,god not killing enough for you? How many dead people
    does it take to convince you this is a real "thing"?
    Give us a number whistlefuck. We're waiting.........


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