Sunday, April 19, 2020

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley Helps Push Back Against Payday Loans Companies Swiping Coronavirus Stimulus Checks

Personal stories don't seem to sway Internets skeptics BUT here's a rising GOP star joining a movement for benefit protection:

A number of Democratic senators — as well as Republican Sen. Josh Hawley — have requested the Treasury Department bar private collectors from garnishing the checks. At the moment, however, it’s looking like the only successful efforts to shield recipients of the stimulus checks is taking place on a state level.

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Private debt collectors can seize stimulus checks. Some states are trying to stop them.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed an executive order on Friday that prohibits debt collectors from seizing federal stimulus checks meant to help Americans endure the economic shock caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

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Anonymous said...

IT's the only way most are ever going to see their money. Loan a POS money and see how quick and frequent you receive your money back..LOL. It's called NEVER.