Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Kris Kobach Hopes Internets Conversation With Help Lift His Senate Campaign

The preferred opponent of the Democratic Party undoubtedly has a great deal of skill when rallying his alt-right base . . . Here's an example of his continued efforts to push his campaign forward. Read more:

Kansas Candidates Now Connect with Voters by Video and Phone

(TNS) - Kris Kobach is seated on his couch next to a glowing fire in an old-fashioned stove. A mounted deer head looms from behind. He's ready to talk about the Constitution, but he's sideways. After a quick iPhone adjustment from his wife, Heather Kobach, the former Kansas secretary of state is upright as he begins his lecture on Facebook Live.


Anonymous said...

Run, Kris, run.

Anonymous said...

Already got a recorded call from this jackass - and I live and work in Missouri! Hope he didn't pay too much for the "call list" he's using.

Anonymous said...

I have watched his Facebook events. It's great to see a relaxed Kris. More people should check him out. He's clearly not how the media portrays him.