Wednesday, April 22, 2020

KCPS Honcho Talks Tech Teaching Future

The new paradigm holds promise for KCPS inasmuch as the schoolhouse in general might be an outdated form of learning and individual achievement could be better tracked via tech and more individualized instruction . . . For what its worth, the future is looking up for KCPS given that they were only able to achieve provisional accrediation in the recent past . . . Read more:

Bedell: 'Chalkboard era' of education has become irrelevant

There's no going back. That's the message Kansas City, Missouri, Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Mark Bedell has for administrators in his district and the wider community as KCPS seeks to bridge the digital divide amid the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.


Anonymous said...

In Kansas City Public Schools, literacy has become irrelevant. Try getting a real superintendent. Bedell is unqualified.

Anonymous said...

Kc schools rank what ? Accreditation BEEZ what ? I think Covid 19 has shown every fool how much we rely on acutal goods and services and that tech tends to be more social media dancing that won't feed a family. If you have not learned, just stay on the internet and wait for it to pay your way thru life.

Anonymous said...

Chalk board education and all other forms of education ended years ago in the KCPS system.