Tuesday, April 14, 2020


There are a lot more than 9 people there and they're standing very close together . . . The mayor & new fire chief presided as the rules don't always seem to apply equally under a lockdown that might go another three weeks.

Take a look at what was a sad occasion concluding a noteworthy 22 year career:

KCFD EMT remembered for kindness and selfless service

Kansas City Missouri mayor Quinton Lucas observed the service of kcfd EMT Billy Birmingham who passed away yesterday due to complications of Coronavirus. Birmingham is the first Kansas City first responder to succumb to COVID-19. Lucas noted that at the onset of the virus, "EMT Birmingham had the opportunity to choose another assignment.


Anonymous said...

Something to remember when they talk about disproportionate impact in the community.

Anonymous said...

So you can’t sit in your car and hear a church service, but you can break the social distance rules for a balloon launch. Perfect.

Hu Fludu said...

This is what Quinton Lucas excels at...posturing.
You might think that the Mayor of KCMO would be busy at his office, you know, getting important work done. But once again, the social butterfly Cheerleader-in-Chief of this Cowtown is busy pandering to a special-interest group who contributed to his campaign.
No disrespect intended, at all, to the EMT who died in this instance, but Lucas is the type who's always looking to "offer thoughts and prayers", light up a building in color, turn on a fountain, hold a prayer vigil, or take a selfie, all while pontificating in front of the cameras and hoping for a sound-bite in the national media.
Whatever happened to the modest, humble professional public servant who got the job done largely in anonymity?

Anonymous said...

^^^ +1