Friday, April 10, 2020

KC 'Paycheck Protection' Mixed Results

An important federal program is saving some locals and turning the cold shoulder on others . . . Here's a worthwhile roundup:

Some small businesses struggle to apply for Paycheck Protection while others cash checks

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Reviews are mixed about the success of a $350 billion federal stimulus program that was designed to help keep struggling businesses afloat. Although many businesses can't even get their phone calls returned to apply for the money, others have already cashed their checks.


Anonymous said...

Yet another program the Trump administration can't run.

The folks in charge are a disaster from top to bottom.

Anonymous said...

Got mine yesterday bitch so shut up. Libtard.

Anonymous said...

Some banks seem to be with the program better than others. Our son was approved at his local community bank in about 3 days. About 5 days after he applied, Mr. Big Banker turned him down. They wanted to reserve their funds for other customers. On this deal, it pays to have a close relationship with your banker, especially if he/she is with a smaller community bank.