Saturday, April 25, 2020

Kansas Rep. Sharice Demands Small Biz Help

Upbeat advocacy for the 'lil guy from this politico facing a crowded field of 2020 election contenders. Read more:

Rep. Sharice Davids Is Calling For Quicker Small Business Relief

Davis is also disappointed in President Trump's lack of transparency when it comes to the allocation of resources. She's hopeful, though, that the bill being passed soon is a step in the right direction. Guests:


Anonymous said...

talk to Nancy the Ice Cream Queen.

Anonymous said...

Sharice Davids is a dirty liar. Trump got those checks out as fast as the Gov. could print them. The democrats are the ones who stalled things by fighting where the money should go and they wanted money to go to planned parenthood and to Iran. Sharice Davids get your head on straight if you can IDIOT you wore a shirt that said; all of your heroes killed colonizers and your are worried about the business owners and workers????? BULL CRAP

Anonymous said...

Nobody in Washington even knows who this clown is, including the members of her own political party.
Empty slogans, TV face-time, selfies, and ridiculous announcements like this.
Anybody could replace her in the Kansas Third District and someone surely will.

Anonymous said...

Rep. Sharice is a one and done clown.

Anonymous said...

The push ups on the house floor showed everyone they made a big mistake.

Anonymous said...


Who did the Kansas 3rd District elect to the U.S. House of Representatives?

Diversity/Inclusion admittance to Cornell Law School, then failed as an attorney.

Failed Hoka Coffee Company start-up.
"More than two years have passed since a South Dakota judge ordered Sharice Davids’ failed coffee company to repay investors nearly $20,000, but those investors have yet to receive a penny. South Dakota Circuit Court Judge Robert Mandel ordered Davids’ Hoka Coffee Company to pay New Vision Venture Partners $19,539 in January 2016. Eight months later, Davids was selected for the White House fellows program by President Barack Obama’s pro-homosexual administration. The Obama White House pointed in a news release to her experience running the business as one of her qualifications for the program."

Here's Davids with her failed Starty Pants entrepreneurs podcast.

Sharice Davids is only representative of the lunatic liberal left!!!