Sunday, April 05, 2020

Kansas Medical Honcho Earns High Praise And Col. Sanders Comparison Amid Coronavirus Pandemic Crisis

Really nice write-up of this local medical leader sharing helpful advice via social media livestream . . . Take a look:

Yes, he resembles Col. Sanders. But for Kansas, Lee Norman's the go-to guy in crisis

About 20 minutes into a recent press conference, Lee Norman, the man spearheading Kansas's response to the novel coronavirus, coughed. People noticed. "Is he coughing into his hand?," one person asked on a Facebook livestream. "Your cough worries me. Hope you are ok," wrote another.


Anonymous said...

Great thing for Kansas that we woke up and elected a Democrat for governor. Can you imagine if Brownback was governor in this? The only thing he would have done is tell people to pray. It's also a great thing Johnson, Wyandotte, and Jackson went to stay-at-home when they did because it has helped a ton.

Anonymous said...

It's always a win win with the orders because when this turns out be like fauici is saying this going to go down in history as nothing more than a bad flu it will because of the shut downs.

Anonymous said...

Are you implying that Only CHicken eating minorities are getting the virus ? Just reading and applying and ISM like a millennial.

Anonymous said...

widespread testing is why germany is having a better result than other countries.

joco and kansas need widespread testing.

Anonymous said...

Stites seems a lot smarter.