Sunday, April 26, 2020

Kansas Health Officials Reject Coronavirus 'Herd Immunity' Strategy

Important push back against politicos, pundits and keyboard warriors attempting to play doctor . . . Read more:

Kansas coronavirus update: KDHE rejects 'bad' idea of natural herd immunity, prefers limiting spread until vaccine emerges

KDHE secretary rejects idea of relying on natural 'herd immunity' rather than the Kansas policy of limiting spread of COVID-19 until a vaccine surfaces; northeast Kansas farmer shares generous spirit with mask donation to New York governor; criminals exploiting fear to rip off people; state logs 117th fatality and infections top 3,000


Anonymous said...

Whew close call, good thing we didn't rely on TKC blogers a month ago, who insisted CV19 herd immunity is a real thing.

Anonymous said...

There is no guaranty that a vaccine will ever emerge, and we can't keep the economy shut down forever. The annual flu vaccine is only a guess as to how the flu virus has mutated. Many years it is less than 50% effective. If the corona virus is similar, it's not going away. Might as well just learn to live with it, or die from it, like we do with flu.