Thursday, April 09, 2020

Kansas Easter Sunday Upscale Takeout List Revealed To Broke-Ass Unemployed Plebs

It's probably okay to splurge whilst the rest of us will be enjoying a takeout ham sammich from Arby's. Read more:

Kansas City Restaurants Offering Easter Sunday Kits, Meals and Carryout

With Kansas City restaurants unable to host a traditional Easter Sunday brunch, lunch or dinner this year due to the coronavirus, many are still offering to cook for a crowd.


Anonymous said...

Get a loan! Sell business for windfall!

Diddling Don said...

You gotta hand it to Diddling Don. It usually takes Republican presidents TWO terms to completely fuck up the US economy.


Anonymous said...

Now over 20 Million Americans unemployed. Food bank car lines stretch for miles in some states. Thousands of KC workers thrown to the streets with no replacement jobs in sight. Thanks, Trump. History will not judge you or the Deplorables kindly.

Anonymous said...

The really good news is Barry, hilly and the dimwits weren’t in charge during this panda-demic, first we would have gotten multiple commissions together to discuss the proper name for the Chinese red death, then we would have had racial equality commissions to make sure that white people have more cases then the koloreds do, then we would have had to make sure we totally destroyed the economy and health care system so everybody has to wait three months to see a doctor. Also we would have to absolutely make sure we don’t do anything for six months until at least 61 million people were infected before calling it a national emergency. Last but not least they would ban the one thing trump says could help the Kung fu flu patients a drug that seems to be actually working because you know, dimwits that’s why.

Anonymous said...

^^^ FTW!

Byron Funkhouser said...

9:47, that's a nonsensical fantasy.

I take my medical advice from doctors, not dictators.

So, who are the dictator's medical advisors?

Apparently, not the doctors at his daily campaign rallies.

Anonymous said...

^^^ more nonsensical lies from bLIEron, hows Obama care working out for you? Better hope you don’t get the Chinese red death virus because you’ll be put on the let him die fast list.

Are you dyslexic or just plain stupid.

bLIEron you dipshit, Trump didn’t give you medical advise, nor did he give medical advise to anyone, god damn you’re stupid, quit watching, oh excuse me your blind right, quit listening to the commie news network and msdnc because they will get you killed if you take any advice from them. Better yet, keep listening to them and keep drinking the fish tank water please!

Anonymous said...