Thursday, April 23, 2020

Kansas Coronavirus Testing Not Adequate For Widely Demanded May 3rd Reopen

A subtle but very important answer to today's protests . . . Read more:

Amid protests, Kelly says May 3 reopening of Kansas in doubt

TOPEKA, KS (AP) - Gov. Laura Kelly said Thursday that her goal is to start reopening the Kansas economy on May 3 but she may not be able to do it because the state is "nowhere near" having the supplies needed for adequate coronavirus testing.


Anonymous said...

She's a granny and her years on earth are short so no concern for the younger generation that needs to pay bills and feed their families.

Anonymous said...

Governor Kelly is just following Trump's CDC guidelines.

If you got a problem with those, take it up with the HNIC.

Even the MAGA Georgia governor got some anger from Trump for his early reopening. The protestors need to target the president. He's the genius calling the shots.

Anonymous said...

Just another imaginary roadblock. Most ppl don't have it so wont get tested, and of the ppl who do get it 85% have no symptoms and therefore would never get tested... so what's the point of further delay?