Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Kansas Congressional Challenger Amanda Adkins Shares Message Of Hope Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

She's in a tough fight against incumbent Rep. Sharice Davids and GOP rivals . . . Here's her latest messaging:

Amanda Adkins For Congress: FIRST LOOK at our new video

Fellow Conservative,

In the face of an unprecedented pandemic and economic uncertainty – it can seem like the world is getting crazier by the day.

Fellow Conservative, we know it is a trying time right now – so does Amanda. In fact, she recorded a very special message for each and every person in our district, and she asked our team to get it to our top supporters first for a very special sneak peek.

Check it out:

That’s what leaders do in the midst of a crisis, they bring people together and remind us that even when things seem bleak, we can get through this if we only band together.

We have to stand as one state, and one nation, against coronavirus. Do you agree? Share this video with five friends now if you do.

As Amanda said, we will get through this together – because we are builders and we are believers.

Thank you, Fellow Conservative.

Amanda Adkins For Congress

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Great. Another clueless corporate cheerleader with NO solutions offered. Flush this turd down the Kaw!

Anonymous said...

She’ll be better and I mean much better then sharice sitting bull

Anonymous said...

Sharice Davids is up for the challenge to lick this candidate come November. And also to win the election.

Unknown said...

She needs to save her money or who ever is backing her she doesn't know anything about anything

Anonymous said...

She's a hottie but does she swallow?

Byron Funkhouser said...

Your hatred of Sharice Davids is disproportional.

Just because a bunch of Rethuglicans work themselves up in lather, doesn't mean shit.

I hope she wins reelection. We need a Native American voice in Congress, if it's to represent all of the people.

You know how much Native Americans get from the Stimulus?