Sunday, April 12, 2020

Kansas City Zoom Week In Review

Local public affairs roundup from KCPT according to MSM and via the trendiest insecure teleconferencing tech. The description:

"Nick Haines, Dia Wall, Steve Kraske, Dana Wright and Micheal Mahoney discuss the debate over social distancing restrictions in Kansas churches, sort through the confusing statistics, timelines and messaging about COVID-19 from organizations and leadership, breakdown how the stimulus money will be rolled out to those who need it and look ahead to what happens when restrictions are finally lifted."

Take a look:

As always, thanks for reading this week and hopefully we'll have more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...

What happens when the restrictions are limited? Kansas City residents have to cope with thousands worth of debt that will take years upon years to pay back even after they get the checks.

Anonymous said...

Not everybody is living pay check to pay check. Some are homeless and those damn Charmin bears are making big money off this whole thing.


All about the lulz said...

^^^ Lulz

Anonymous said...

Not everyone has a $1,400 I phone , but not enough money to go one month without a paycheck. While they drive their newer car to the quicktrip to get a pack of smokes and score some weed off of "paps" near 39th.. But a lot do.

Issac said...

As soon as I saw Dana on the panel I turned to another channel. She is about as clueless as a rock and I for one will not listen to her show or watch her on TV. KCPT is supposed to be educational TV not dumbing down TV. Nick Haines need sto do better as he is one of the elite people in television locally.

Anonymous said...

I'd worry more of why some many Nursing Home Health care workers are not very clean and don't follow basic Hygiene. That seems to be the biggest problem right now. Those patients tied to their beds are not the ones spreading it.

Anonymous said...

Dia and Dana..what a clueless combo. 'We see you' as the all ghetto KSHB now says.

Diddling Don said...

Trump lied; Americans died. That's the real story.

Anonymous said...

CNN's Michael Cuomo and now ABC's George Stenapolus has corona virus.

Fake News Media berating Christians for praying and wanting to go to Easter services, but Fake News Media themselves are not practicing Social Distancing.

ABC and CNN should go off the air as all of their employees have now been exposed to Corona Virus.

Fake News lied now people died.

Anonymous said...

Sleepy Joe sleeps through it, nobody dies. I decided.

Anonymous said...

No, not really.

Did he screw up? Yes. Did everyone else, going back multiple administrations? Absolutely. The CDC dropped the ball, the WHO became a corrupt organ of China, and so on.

Troll game needs work, again. At least this time you kept it short, which gets you to a solid D. Oversimplified, incorrect, Trump derangement.

Anonymous said...

Google - Joe Biden versus Corn Pop. Funny, fake story from tough guy Sleepy Joe.

Anonymous said...

Well let's just hire a church lady scold to decide who is worthy.

Anonymous said...

So the very stable genius is actually too stupid to see the problems left over from past presidents but he constantly claims to so far superior to them.

Wow Trumpy clown, you have made progress! You are still making stupid ass-kissing excuses for Trump but you now admit he's as bad as Obama and Bush and Clinton. Congratulations clownboy.

Anonymous said...

Try to cope with the facts...Fauci is either a liar and a danger to people, or just a confused person who's a danger to people.
• FEB 28 In his editorial to New England Journal of Medicine Fauci claims it's logical to conclude that covid19 is not any more lethal than the seasonal flu.
The mention of social distancing wasn't adamant, but an 'if, community spread.. then social distancing'
* FEB 29 He said risk is low, don't change anything about daily routine.
* FEB 17 He said don't bother with masks and certainly don't avoid Chinese people or restaurants.
FEB 24 Pelosi was strolling SF Chinatown inviting people to come. Did she take her lead from Fauci's advice?
Fauci didn't come around to changing his tune until March 11th (that I've seen so far), saying that Covid19 was 10x as lethal as seasonal flu. He needs to be fired for incompetence, or for repeatedly having the worst timing for drawing the wrong conclusions.
So for all HIS bogus expertise through February he is now pulling this stunt:
Anthony Fauci said more lives could have been saved in the U.S. if firm social distancing norms had been enforced in February. On Sunday, he said the suggestions were met with unfavorable reactions at that time.
When exactly in February? Because up through mid Feb he's saying don't change anything, risk low, end of Feb he's writing Journal editorial saying its easy to conclude that the Covid19 is no more lethal than the seasonal flu. What day exactly does he think Trump should have shut down the economy? Just days after Fauci DID sound a warning in March, Trump DID shut things down. Why didn't the 'expert' bother to speak up sooner?
A New York Times report had said that the President was warned about the potential risk of a pandemic by Fauci and the other health experts but those internal divisions, lack of planning and his faith in his own instincts led the administration to push back the suggestion.
When asked by host Jake Tapper about the report at CNN’s “State of the Union,” Fauci, the U.S. government's top infectious disease expert, said that he and other experts had concluded on Feb. 21 that aggressive mitigation measures were needed to slow down the spread of COVID-19.
It that was true why the February 28 Journal Editorial? After reading that it may not any more lethal than a regular flu, and that maybe social distancing will have to happen IF ….
Where is the urgency reflected in it? Why would you write that if you thought social distancing needed to happen pronto and should have already happened? He didn't write: WE CAN SAVE MORE LIVES IF WE WERE SHUT DOWN NOW!! He didn't say that in the following 10 days that I could find up to March 11. Mid February he was saying don't worry.
Clearly Fauci is a disingenuous political rat, who could have encouraged social distancing practices earlier, instead of telling people to not bother worrying about masks, or don't bother to worry about surfaces, or restaurants or gyms!
Clearly the NYT is using what's left of Fauci's status as a "respected expert" to drill their own political Trump bashing agenda, which began long before Covid19 was (publically at least) known to exist.

Anonymous said...

Because this is all fake news and a Democratic hoax, right? Thanks, I many idiots this site has.

Anonymous said...

Yet weird, you are one of the biggest idiots.

Anonymous said...

Fake News says corona virus is not from China.

Fake News called President Trump a racist for banning foreign travel from China. Xenophobic is the term that Fake News like CNN threw around at the time against Trump.

Fake News lied about Communist China, Americans died as a result.

Fake News said anti-malaria drug to treat corona virus was "snake oil" peddling by President Trump.

Fake News lied about anti- malaria drug, Americans died as a result.

Fake News media is spreading corona virus in all of the New York City by not social distancing.

ABC and CNN lied and Americans died.

Democrat New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says Mayor DeBlasio is wrong on closing New York City schools for rest of year. Cuomo wants to place children at risk by opening schools along with keeping New York abortion clinics open as essential businesses.

Why do Democrats hate innocent babies and children and want them to die?

Anonymous said...

Oh Trumpy, way too long, nobody gonna to read a long random Trumpy Trumpvirus rant.

Anonymous said...

Oh sure, TrumpVirus is everyone's fault except Trump's. Apparently Trump's many mistakes and lies were all because he was deceived by his enemies or else following their lead. Could you possibly suck any harder?

1959 said...

9:13.. the truth can never be too long! A really nice statement using logic over emotion something 10:27 will never be able to understand. Pricks like that will never understand they're little piss-ant brain cannot handle anything more than just a few words at a time. For those of us who are educated and are truly looking for good information you provided it. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Yet Weird, all comments about the Fake News Media are factual.

Weird Boy never presents facts to support his position; just TDS non-sensicle rants.

Anonymous said...

The virus is real...similar rates as the flu, not as bad as some flu years.

The overblown fearmongering response is the hoax.

Easy to comprehend unless you willfully just don't want to.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, 9:12, not a Trump fan. Mind blown? Just thought I'd chime back in whole others are completely clown-suiting you with facts and timelines your little brain can't process.

Have you considered retirement from trolling? You're not very good at it.

Anonymous said...

Except, 10:37, even Fauci is saying today that we didn't have the best information to begin with.

I know, I know. Orang Man bad. Lol

Anonymous said...

Because kansas citians are suckers for english accents, he must be smart as long as he does not sound like he is from Newcastle.

Anonymous said...

920 your insults are too generic. Calling anyone an idiot is easy. Idiot.

Anonymous said...

916 you are an idiot too.
All better.