Friday, April 10, 2020

Kansas City Weekly Power Rankings

Even amid the lockdown, the political game persists in Kansas City and here's a glimpse at this week's most effective leaders.

Take a look:

Jackson County Exec Frank White

We reported this one FIRST but the news resonated across the metro shortly thereafter: Jackson County Executive Frank White Jr. issued a statement regarding race and ethnicity being included in Kansas City, Missouri's COVID-19 data, stating that those facts will “enhance the racial divide in our county and city.”

It was a bold declaration and spoke directly to his constituency as the politics of coronavirus, predictably, fall upon demographic lines.

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II

Congressman Cleaver was early to endorse Veep Biden for Prez and this week that gamble paid off when Bernie dropped out of the contest.

The virus has politics shifting quickly as NY Guv Cuomo now has more momentum and Democratic Party support behind him.

But for now, a key alliance with establishment Democratic Party leaders has the former Mayor of Kansas City and longtime Congressman moving toward the apex of power inside the Beltway.

Clay County Commish Jerry Nolte

The sordid GOP politicos of the Kansas City Northland are shifting and even his adversaries realize that Commish Jerry Nolte will soon run a major courthouse across the bridge. As social media chatter and a few well-placed leaked stories continue to target outgoing politicos, opponents of the Commish seem strangely confident that "the new boss" might soon confront his share of grief.

And so . . .

This list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people, trends and our times.


Anonymous said...

Gotta include more in this list. No mention for our cyclist friends who go their big deal this wee? The are rolling toward more City Hall money in a big way.

Anonymous said...



Then we're all the losers on the list if every street is going to be as screwed up as Armour Blvd.

I want cyclists to be safe but not at the cost of endangering EVERYONE on the road.

Anonymous said...

Governor Kelly also deserves a mention for her war against Easter.

Some of the worst messaging in her tenure so far and the sad thing is that she's not wrong. Just very ineffective and communicating her concerns for public health. Ironically, she's being too preachy.

Anonymous said...

Politicians win.

KC loses.

Anonymous said...

politicians suck

Anonymous said...

The KCAC is cheering the closing of Churches. They have been working for that for years, and now they have an excuse. But they don't give a shit about Christians or Jews fact they cheer it on their blogs. I was told gov Kelly is an atheist. Given this and her militant support for abortion at any time and for any reason I now believe doesn't seem like they can perform enough abortions to keep her happy.