Sunday, April 26, 2020

Kansas City Watches COVID-19 Stats Whilst Global Decisions Will Soon Impact Cowtown

Right now we just wanted to share a quick collection of local numbers along with a big picture glimpse and policy and debate on the pandemic . . . Checkit:

KSHB: Missouri surpassed 7,000 COVID-19 cases Sunday. Data from state and local health departments showed 7,029 cases in the state. No new deaths were reported Sunday.

KCTV5: The Kansas Department of Health and Environment reports the state now has 3,174 confirmed cases with 118 deaths.

KMBC: Tracker shows curve of coronavirus cases, deaths in Missouri, Kansas

Verge: The coronavirus pandemic is getting the ‘total attention’ of the Gates Foundation

Fox News: Kevin McCarthy - WHO acting like 'Wuhan Health Organization' during coronavirus

CNN: People receiving stimulus checks get letter signed by President Donald Trump

Fox4: Is history repeating itself? Comparing the 1918 flu pandemic to coronavirus

Developing . . .


Grip Madlock said...

I'm sure the Gates(to hell) foundation is at full attention.

Anonymous said...

Because Bill Gates, communist, and probably a satanist, wants to microchip us and use 5G to electromagnetically poison us and did you see how a map of Subway restaurant locations almost matches perfectly with where the Coronavirus breakouts are largest and he owns 82% of Subway and Jared Fogle was about to blow the whistle on Coronavirus that's why he's in prison, 5G footlongs, because viruses aren't transferred outside the body - germ theory is unproven pseudoscience, and Michelle Obama is a man!

Right, Grip?

Anonymous said...

And did you notice how the letters in



anon said...

Kshb has made wild accusations about the Chinese red death numbers in Missouri for two weeks now, we don’t have 7028 cases, we actually have 6997, why do they keep making up numbers about this? are they that stupid to think nobody checks these things? I bet they don’t know that 75% of the cases in Missouri are in shitty Louis either. I guess the gays at kshb are freaking losing their minds over all this and are scared to death they could die with their aids infected immune systems.

Anonymous said...

Whats funny to me is that if Amerikkka is supposed to have all the best and brightest minds why is it that US has the most virus cases and the highest death toll of any other country in the world?????

anon said...

8:31 Blame New York and the dimwits. Seriously dude, you’re an idiot

Anonymous said...

Because China is LYING about their totals, dope.

Anonymous said...

You think you can fool us with that? They add up to 18, fool!

Anonymous said...

After repeatedly being caught with fabricated statistics, and pushing their luck too far, now finally now, the state of Kansas is returning to the fold.

118 deaths/3174 cases = mortality rate of 3.72%
Not the previously reported 5% (+) or the 4% (+) rates, but something much more in line with the Missouri and KC consistent rates of approx. 3%

KS returning to reality? Let's hope so

Anonymous said...

It fooled somebody, 9:29

anonymous said...

Yes, but...
JOHN (4)
adds up to 15, and EVERYONE knows what THAT means!

anonymous said...

Is the "Chinese Red Death" yet another name for the Trump Flu?
Inquiring minds want to know.

anonymous said...

Why ask us>
Ask the Koch Brothers, they own Kansas.