Thursday, April 09, 2020

Kansas City Unplugs Guitar Center

After a litany of complaints across social media, this biz suffered the same fate as so many others . . . Here's the aftermath:

Kansas City Orders Guitar Center Facility To Close After It Defied Stay-At-Home Order

A large Kansas City musical instrument distribution center that had remained open despite a stay-at-home order permitting only "essential" businesses to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic has now shut down. The 700,000-square-foot Guitar Center warehouse in the Northland closed after Kansas City code enforcement personnel, accompanied by Kansas City police, showed up to enforce Mayor Quinton Lucas' order.


Anonymous said...

Which lowlife employee wanting to sit at home turned them in?

If this is the case close all restaurant so called curb service which is a joke and landscaping services and a dozen more places that are more a hazard to the public health if numbnuts Lucas says this place can't stay open.

Acting like a bunch of Nazis!

Anonymous said...

While my guitar gently weeps.

Anonymous said...

Corporations like this will pull out of Kansas City to save their investments in other places.

None are interested in dealing with another Gail Beatty fiasco again next year either.

Anonymous said...

Creative destruction at work.

Retro ROCKER said...

The economy of the four state area is being are taking about millions of jobs Many businesses can't afford to stay open. And this will be the new normal. The government knows,now .That you will become there servant .And all they have to do is scare,you with a Virus. And this will happen every winter.

Harold Eugene Johnson said...

Once-upon-a-time, after 2009, Jackson County Missouri Property Taxes were reduced, after a slight economic downturn. While Frank White, Jr. will cry and scream like a baby, as usual, taxes may have to be reduced again, for the exact same, but far worse, reason. A lot of fat, do little, money suckers may have to be voted out of office before taxes go down, but the have begged for employment in the past, and can do it again.