Tuesday, April 28, 2020

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Hottie Lindsey and her body of work includes sports drink promo as we take in community news, pop culture and info from across the nation and around the world.

Hospital Tribute To Hero

'One of a kind': Family, friends and colleagues gather to share memories of Research nurse who family says died from COVID-19

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Celia Yap-Banago gave four decades of her life to Research Medical Center. She died one week ago, after being in home quarantine with what her family calls coronavirus symptoms. The nurse had spent some of her final days caring for patients experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. Tuesday would've marked exactly 40 years since [...]

1st Responders Get Faulty Gear

KCFD and KCPD among biggest recipients of faulty masks under investigation in Missouri

An attempt to investigate the source of faulty KN95 masks distributed to Missouri fire and police agencies continues, as public officials clash over the release of information about the state's use of emergency federal funding. Auditor Nicole Galloway, a Democrat running for governor against incumbent Republican Gov.

Kansas City Pet Checkup

Doctors are helping displaced folks and their furry friends

Delguan Milligan holds his Chihuahua mix, Precious, as Dr. John Teeter gives it a check-up. // Photo by Beth Lipoff Losing your home or living on the streets comes with many stresses-where to sleep, how to feed your family-but an often-forgotten one is what happens to your pets.

Kansas City Spring Cleaning Against Coronavirus

Local businesses prepare to re-open safely amid pandemic

MISSION, KS (KCTV) - Stay-at-home orders are set to expire in Kansas and Missouri within days and businesses are revving up to reopen. Kansas and Missouri's stay-at-home orders expire on May 3 and Kansas City's will expire on the 15th. Johnson County Commissioners just released their phased approach to reopening.

Lindsey Loves Sponsors

Lindsey Pelas Is Drop-Dead Gorgeous Flaunting Ripped Body In Skin Tight Tank Top!

In the clip, she is also sexily taking a sip of a Bang Energy drink, a company the model is an ambassador for...and it is working. As you can imagine, most people are buying anything she is selling!

Unions Rebuke Prez Trump Orders To Stay Open

Trump plans to order meatpacking plants to remain open using the Defense Production Act

WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump plans to invoke the Defense Production Act to order meatpacking plants to remain open, classifying the plants as critical infrastructure as a way to combat the strain coronavirus is placing on the food supply chain, a person familiar with the matter told CNBC.

Veep Ignores Protocol

Vice President Mike Pence tours Mayo Clinic without coronavirus mask even though he was told to wear one

Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday toured the Mayo Clinic without wearing a mask despite that renowned medical facility telling him that masks are required for visitors there. Video from a journalist pool camera at the Mayo Clinic at one point shows that 10 people in the area around Pence, including a patient, were wearing masks and personal protective equipment.

Winning Abroad

New Zealand has won "battle" against community spread of coronavirus, prime minister says

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Monday that the country has "won" the battle against widespread community transmission of the coronavirus, for now. The country is also dropping from Alert Level Four to Alert Level Three, as the number of new coronavirus cases continue to remain low.

Monkeys See Cure?!?!

Oxford-developed vaccine protects monkeys from coronavirus

An experimental coronavirus vaccine developed by Oxford University has protected six monkeys from "heavy quantities" of the virus - a promising breakthrough in the worldwide race for a cure.

More Cash After Legend Leaves

Dustin Colquitt's Release Gives The Kansas City Chiefs Much-Needed Cap Space

The Kansas City Chiefs have released punter Dustin Colquitt. "I have enjoyed my time in Chiefs Kingdom, all things come to an end, sometimes sooner than you hoped, prayed & pleaded for them to. I'll miss walking into the building & smelling the coffee, talking to everyone," Colquitt posted on Instagram.

Banking On KC Keto Cash

How a pizza pivot could keep Fattyhead Keto Crust bringing in the dough

Editor's note: The following is part of Startland News' ongoing coverage of the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Kansas City's entrepreneur community, as well as how innovation is helping to drive a new normal in the ecosystem. Click here to follow related stories as they develop.

Local Storms Ahead

Spotty rain showers possible Wednesday morning, high will reach 65

Spotty rain showers are possible to begin your Wednesday. The moisture will move off to the east. We'll see partly sunny skies in the afternoon with a high near...

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy drinking in those bewbs!

Anonymous said...


When Lindsey invited me over to "pop a top and have a Bang" I was picturing something else entirely!!!

Hyperblogal said...

You have to be some kind of stupid to send faulty masks to law enforcement.

Anonymous said...

^^^ lulz!

The faulty ppe Missouri got is the same faulty crap China dumped on the whole world, China lied, people keep dying.

Anonymous said...

If it was really a N95 mask, why would you have to call it "KN95" mask?

Anonymous said...

So weird that New Zealand has never been made great again but has somehow beaten Corona without resorting to those great old fashioned American strategies of science denial, ignorance, self serving lies, loony science, corruption, narcissism, fascist lies, arrogance, fake science or retroactive sarcasm! How did they do it???

Byron Funkhouser said...

Their leader is a woman.

Anonymous said...

Let's send the B2s to their hospitals and show them we're still #1!

Anonymous said...

Of course the President is going to force the Meat Processor Employees to keep working, s a matter of National importance!
Where do you think his daily requirement of hamburders come from?

Anonymous said...

So funny how the democrats and the union commies want to keep everything closed and blow this virus up bigger than it is. How about start quarantining the sick not the healthy. Oh but that wouldn't cause panic and shut down the country like the democrats want now would it. Go out and buy a new Honda they don't force their employees to be union.

Anonymous said...

^^^Novel idea dummy but we don't have near enough testing to "quarantine the sick". Maybe Trump could lead on this issue but he's to busy passing the buck on over to the states. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure what Trump brings to the table on any of this? Outside of a ban on travel from China that had more holes in it than a screen door on a submarine.