Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Kansas City Transit Activist Clay Chastain Contemplates Cutting U.S. Military Budget For Massive Urban Renewal Efforts

A global plan penned by Kansas City's most prolific petitioner and the only person to ever win a citywide light rail vote.


Congressional Candidate Clay Chastain unveils plan to revive America's war-torn inner cities and resuscitate the American economy by re-purposing part of America's military spending

As the world emerges amid a common viral enemy, there is one thing we should all agree on...there is an opening for the world to stop fighting and come together. Our nation can lead the way with worldwide demilitarization for love of American community. We cannot truly herald ourselves, "the land of the free", until we liberate our brutalized inner cities, and therein residents, from their jailers...homicides, drugs, gangs, violence, decay, population loss, economic hopelessness, etc.). The collective neglected destruction of this part of America's home clouds our nation's day in the sun.

America's inner cities were once bustling repositories for much of the best America had achieved on the ground: Efficient urban landscapes punctuated with architecturally grand, historic and irreplaceable churches, cultural institutions and edifices. "The City Beautiful" design concept wrought America charming tree-lined neighborhoods graced with inviting parks and landscaped boulevards, and (eventually) served by efficient transit. Then, their industrious residents went away to more sprawling suburban pastures. In the wake of that mass residential exodus smoldering ruins now lie. Yes, the gleaming downtown facades and entertainment offerings of America's big cities (today) put on a good face. However, they are mostly just a mecca for tourists. Few thinking families want to reside in their dangerous, decayed and withered hinterlands. And, as Kansas City is realizing, a city cannot live by tourists alone.

Americans stuck in the dismal violent inner cities of... Kansas City, St. Louis, Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, Camden, etc. do not enjoy..."life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". Meanwhile, America is now spending a staggering $.750 trillion per year (11 times what Russia spends on its military!!) policing and defending the world (with our young people) while war at home rages on in these darkened hopeless corridors of dispair. In the coronavirus-world, let us send the world a new peaceful signal: America is demilitarizing for peace and love of America.

If elected, Clay Chastain will introduce to Congress his 3R's plan (Rebuild, Revive & Repopulate) funded by utilizing 33% of the military's current annual budget for 10-years ($2.5 trillion). This still leaves the military $500 billion a year to protect America.

Here are the highlights of the 3R's Plan to revitalize America's inner cities and help resuscitate the American economy:

1. Bring in the National Guard (serving as community police) to assist local police in immediately bringing calm and safety to inner city residents currently plagued and terrorized by gangs, drugs and violence.

2. Invest in vocational training (cities need more craftsmen to maintain them) by initiating 2-year learning programs (in all public high schools) so that graduates (not going to college) can graduate with a marketable job skill.

3. Encourage creation of jobs by making available a 10-year federal tax abatement to new inner city business and manufacturers.

4. Invest in building modern transit systems (Clay's "Green Transit" initiative for KC, on Facebook) so inner city residents have an alternative means of mobility that is attractive, convenient and affordable, and the city has a more livable environment.

5. Invest in rebuilding all other infrastructure (while training and employing local residents to assist), and initiate a nationwide program (utilizing low level inmates) to keep revitalized inner cities clean of litter, trash and graffiti.

* America needs a strong military - not an obese military. Thus, we can fund the 3R's plan (without raising taxes or the national debt) by trimming back our bloated military budget and re-purpose those savings to fortify American cities - they need defending too. And, the objectives are clear: Stop the homicides, improve the urban environment and create new economic opportunity so we can uplift lives, strengthen our country and reclaim the economic potential of a forlorn, forgotten and essential part of the American landscape. All that, makes for a more peaceful, equitable and productive country. Defense spending well spent.

Clay Chastain

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Anonymous said...

Does he have a pamphlet? If he cleans it, I will take it.

anon said...

If I was clay, i would make it illegal for anyone in politics to be able to have access to insider trading that apparently is illegal for the taxpayers but legal for politicians (Nancy paloosie is a fine example,) this would force them to put their focus on the taxpayers and not a $24,000 frig/freezer full of $11 a pint ice cream. It truly would be amazing if the current crop of dimwits thought of everybody else besides themselves..... that ain’t evar happening.

Anonymous said...

In Sweden they don't have Clay Chastain and everybody's fine.

Retro ROCKER said...

6:07 PM. You are on the money. I'm your Ice Cream man stop me when you're passing by I have All the flavors guaranteed to satisfy. I got the bomb pop. And Dixie,cup. Pushups,too.

Anonymous said...

They also don't have your stupid ass.

Anonymous said...

So now, having been ignored for DECADES ranting about Jackson County and KCMO local issues, Clay is going to take a shot at national policy?
At least he's not making a complete fool of himself suing China.
What a menagerie!

Anonymous said...


Silvestor orgalthorp said...

Cutting the military budget always sounds great, doesnt it?
Its always done right after a war. After “The war to end all wars”, along came WWII and we didnt have the ability to defend the west coast if the japanese had kept
pushing across the pacific. After Vietnam, military was cut again. We had helicoptors that were junk, planes that fell out of the sky and ships that couldnt leave port because they didnt have enough crewman or spare parts
In the 90’s we cut again. Then after 9/11 we go to Afhanistan with equipment that wasnt adequite for the terrain.
It is understandable to say we should spend that money diffrently, but make sure its not your kids fighting the next war
Because there always will be a next war

Anonymous said...

Imagine if we all didn't have cars and had to ride public transit. We would all have Coronavirus.

Anonymous said...

Rest assured, Sylvester, that my kids will not be fighting in the next war. They will never serve in this corrupt military again.

Anonymous said...

Clay is a traitor. He wants to weaken the military while China and Iran are just waiting for a chance to take advantage of this crisis.

Anonymous said...

^^^ of course he is a traitor. He never served. And he is a loser who couldn't even get full custody of his kid.

Anonymous said...

Plus 1000!