Thursday, April 09, 2020

Kansas City Thursday News Link Pool

Yes, things are getting weird around here as we recently realized that a television icon from our youth is still REALLY HOT and shares the digital Insta- love. Accordingly, we're offering this collection of community news, pop culture and info from across the nation and around the world . . .

Buy KCMO Clunkers Online - City of Kansas City, MO

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 8, 2020 To keep pace with the city's stay-at-home order and social distancing recommendations, our Tow Services Division is offering its first online-only auction on April 22 to sell surplus cars, trucks and motorcycles. No one will be allowed on the lot due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Dotte Burns Down

KCKFD responds to overnight apartment fire

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City, Kansas Fire Department is investigating the cause of an overnight fire at an apartment building. The call went out around 1:15 a.m. Thursday in the 1100 block of County Line Road. When fire crews arrived, they saw smoke and fire showing from the building.

Coffee Shop Serves Community

Café Corazón makes meals for service industry workers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas Citians are joining forces to provide free meals to unemployed service industry workers. Miel Castagna Herrera, of Café Corazón in Midtown, created a GoFundMe for the project , which had raised nearly $2,000 by Wednesday night. Open Belly Podcast, Café Corazón and The Tamale Kitchen are working together to make those meals possible.

Classic #TBT Hottie Reveals Her No Photoshop Pix

Jane Seymour, 69, says she doesn't retouch her swimsuit photos on Instagram: 'It's just me out there'

At age 69, Jane Seymour is feeling more confident than ever. The British actress, who enjoys showcasing her sizzling swimsuit snaps on Instagram, insisted she doesn't edit them for her followers. "I don't retouch any of those pictures, it's just me out there," the former Bond girl told People magazine on Tuesday.

Uemployment Ramps Up

US weekly jobless claims jump by 6.6 million, bringing three-week total to more than 16 million

Jobless rolls continued to swell due to the coronavirus shutdown, with 6.6 million Americans filing first-time unemployment claims in the week ended April 4, the Labor Department reported Thursday. That brings the total over the past three weeks to more than 16 million.

Blue Dress Stays Winning

Woman who revealed Clinton-Lewinsky scandal dies

An American civil servant whose disclosure of an affair between Bill Clinton and a White House intern nearly brought down his presidency has died. Linda Tripp, 70, passed away after suffering from pancreatic cancer, her family told US media on Wednesday.

Uncle Sam Check Coming Soon

Americans could start receiving stimulus checks starting on April 9

Much-awaited stimulus cash will begin flooding into millions of bank accounts next week in the first wave of payouts to shore up the nation's wallets. Millions of taxpayers will begin receiving the extra money to pay rent, groceries and other bills next week, or possibly as early as Thursday or Friday, some say.

El Papa Seyz Sky Falling

Pope Francis says coronavirus could be 'nature's response' to climate change

Pope Francis likened the coronavirus pandemic to recent fires and floods as one of "nature's responses" to the world's ambivalence to climate change. "There is an expression in Spanish: 'God always forgives, we forgive sometimes, but nature never forgives,'" the pope said in an interview published Wednesday in The Tablet, a United Kingdom-based Catholic weekly.

Sharing Lockdown Inspiration

Metro church known for its witty signs shares Easter message during time of social distancing

Prairie Village, Kan. - Asbury United Methodist Church is known for fun and witty signs, and now the church is sharing a message about Easter in the time of social distancing. The sign outside the Prairie Village church reads, "Easter joy won't come from worship in a crowded room."

Redux: KC Selling Season Kaput

Spring Parade of Homes postponed because of COVID-19

The Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City has decided to postpone the spring Parade of Homes.It was scheduled for April 25 through May 10.The KCHBA said it is looking at possibly hosting the spring parade in late spring or early to mid-summer.

Help Bridge Local Digital Divide

Connecting for Good in need of computers to provide for families

KANSAS CITY, Mo - Staff at Connecting For Good have been working around the clock for the past few weeks, ensuring families and schools have the computers they need during the COVID-19 pandemic. The nonprofit works to provide internet access and technology equipment for the metro's most at risk families.

Hard Freeze Tonight?!?!

Colder temperatures return Thursday, hard freeze possible overnight

Easter beginning to look like a washout

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well aged thigh meat, thanks!

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"Woman who revealed Clinton-Lewinsky scandal dies"

Will she and Rush be sharing a "special place?"

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^^^ that special place is in the Clinton murder hall of fame.

But yes, they will both be in heaven together someday!

I know how you people hate religion because you will nevar be there! Hahahahaha!

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Ever notice how those associated with Hillary Clinton and younger than her keep dying all the time? When will she do us all a favor and do so herself. Here in Kansas City we would all rejoice if she took her number one fan Byron with her.

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This just in! The Clintons murdered Linda Tripp!

And Trump confirms the moon is, after all, made of green cheese!

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^^^You idiot Neil Armstrong told us that back in the 60's, don't quit your day job because as a comedian you suck.