Monday, April 06, 2020

Kansas City Testing For Coronavirus Vaccine Starts: Will You Volunteer?!?!

From the AP:

"The study is a first step to see if the vaccine appears safe enough for larger tests needed to prove whether it will protect. Even if the research goes well, it is expected to take over a year before any vaccine could be widely available."

Read more:

Company poised to start COVID-19 vaccine safety test with Kansas City volunteers

KANSAS CITY, MO (AP) -- A second U.S. company is poised to begin a small safety test of a vaccine against the new coronavirus. Inovio Pharmaceuticals said Monday that it has Food and Drug Administration permission for the study in 40 healthy volunteers in Philadelphia and Kansas City, Missouri.


Anonymous said...

Rush job guinea pig?


Grip Madlock said...

Comes with a complimentary RFID for safe storage of all your family photos,phone numbers and important dates

Anonymous said...

^^Old people. Sooo lame.

Anonymous said...

Shoddy, rushed and non-studied. Fuck no!
See: Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

Anonymous said...

Old people have seen this play out over and over...seasonal flu fear mongering must get vaccine...oh vaccine only 5% to 30% percent effective this year, maybe next year we'll get it right.

A corona virus is the common cold virus, there is not a vaccine because it mutates wildly, this makes an effective vaccine impossible, but that chip bill gates wants to insert in you with the vaccine will still be there along with big pharma's profits.

Why does the MSM so resistant to the use of hydroxychlorquine that so many doctors actually treating patients say it is safe and works well.

Anonymous said...

^^Because it kills people you dumb geezer! Jesus Christ, get off Faux News and actually find out what's going on in the real world. Old people...soooo lame!

Anonymous said...

@ 11:32 Faux news as you call it is a liberal news station. Owned and operated by liberals and has more democrats on it than conservative republicans.

As far as what is going on in the real world...well most of the statistics has been old people dying of flu. Oh and don't forget Rachel Maddow's horrendous lie about the Comfort in NYC. soooooo lame? Yes you are!

Anonymous said...

1132 the doctors actually treating patients say hydroxychlorquine works. It's an effective anti viral that's been around for over 60 years. The FDA even approved it for this.

Who you gonna believe a doctor or a tds deranged journalist, who do you want deciding your treatment...a doctor or some trump deranged journalist?

Get off the MSM (fox included) and research it for yourself. NYT even recently had to change its tune.

Anonymous said...

What percentage of the victims are homosexuals? Homosexuals have a compromised immunity system and are extremely promiscuous and frequently have anonymous sex with many other homosexuals. I would stay at least 50 ft away from anyone I suspect is a homosexual.

Anonymous said...

How many ppl died because of the MSM and Dem's vilification of hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment?

THE HILL: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) said Monday that early responses to the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine “anecdotally” suggest its use in the coronavirus fight has been “effective,”

Sorry Dems the plague is fizzling out, some more will die but nothing close to your hopes and wishes.

Anonymous said...

and yet Dr Fauci(who should know) says do not use it. Weird.

Anonymous said...

1250 Dr F never said don't use it, he just says we need a year long study to unquestionable prove it's effect. The FDA who should also know just recently says its ok to use.

Why trust Dr. F, a career bureaucrat, - it's just been his job for 35 years to be ahead of these viruses...seems he failed miserably.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet he's a doctor, this is his field of expertise, and you're just a lonely old geezer who failed in everything you've ever done. I'll take the Dr. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

201 you are as correct as the models predicting 2mill dead in the usa...keep up the good work!

By all means do us a favor and refuse hydroxychloroquine if you get sick with the chink flu.

PS got an A+ in schooling you.

Anonymous said...

OK Boomer, I am not . Weird

Anonymous said...

I am a Soviet, Bernie has contacted me to help his campaign. Please join and vote Communist kids for Bernie. Bernie has a long Soviet History.

Anonymous said...

I would have loved to hear the doctors professional medical opinion yesterday, but Trump muzzled him and refused to let him answer.

What do you have to lose? Well, your life according to the head of the AMA.

Trump and his MAGA bots are pushing this fake cure to distract from his complete and utter failure to develop and deploy tests, and supply hospitals with basic protective gear. It's criminal that Trump has still not nationalized a response to procure critical medical supplies to protect doctors and nurses.

Anonymous said...

340 Gotta give it to the TDS victims they lie, kick and scream until the end.

Anonymous said...

Democratic Michigan Lawmaker Praises Trump, Anti-Malaria Drug for Saving Her

Democratic State Rep. Karen Whitsett of Detroit credits Trump for touting hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malaria drug, which she says saved her in a battle with the coronavirus, Paul Egan of the Detroit Free Press reports.
Whitsett tested positive for Covid-19 and started taking hydroxychloroquine on March 31, which was prescribed by her doctor after both she and her husband sought treatment for a range of symptoms.
"It was less than two hours" before she started to feel relief, the paper reports. She said she had been experiencing shortness of breath, swollen lymph nodes and sinus discomfort. She still has headaches.
Had it not been for Trump promoting the drug, the legislator says she wouldn't have known to ask for it, nor would her doctor have likely prescribed it.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Wow, that's persuasive.

Instead, maybe try linking to the FDA documentation of drug success. That's right, doesn't exist. Or link to the documented well stocked inventory of medical supplies. Or the overabundance of testing and with no delays. Oops, those doesn't exist either.

Trump has failed and so have you.

Anonymous said...

I just had a Redbull and V8 and feel great.

I guess that now counts as medical proof.