Sunday, April 05, 2020

Kansas City Sunday News Gathering

Once again, inspired by angel Candice, we take a peek at pop culture, community news and info form across the nation. Checkit:

KCMO Audit Plan Revealed - City of Kansas City, MO

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 1, 2020 CONTACT: Douglas Jones, City Auditor, (816) 513-3300 The City Auditor's Office's annual audit plan focuses on audits that will provide information and recommendations to improve city services, ensure careful use of tax dollars, and provide transparency. Our goal is to issue seven performance audits in Fiscal Year 2021.

KCK Pandemic Good Deeds

Giving Hope hosts grocery pick-up in KCK

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A local organization is helping the community during the coronavirus pandemic. On Saturday, Giving Hope passed out more than 250 bags of food and necessities. The items were provided by Harvesters and Convoy of Hope.

Cure For Boredom Whilst Fighting Coronavirus At Home

Tired of staring at the same four walls? Here are some of the newest paint trends

By Kathy Feist So you're stuck inside. Look around you. Does your home need a little upgrade? Maybe you still have the pink walls from the 90s. Or the "everything tan" from the Tuscany period. If so, it's a good time (what else is there to do?) to transform your surroundings.

EPIC Kansas City Chiefs Practice Kick Celebrated

Chiefs kicker drills 77-yard field goal during lonely offseason workout and he has video to prove it

If the Kansas City Chiefs need to free up some salary cap space, they might want to think about just cutting their punter, because based on how Harrison Butker's offseason is going, the Chiefs might not ever have to punt again.

Redeeming Angels Calls Upon Former Glory Of Hotties

Victoria's Secret's New Era Already Looks Like a Time Capsule

Last month, Victoria's Secret attempted to put its past year and a half of turmoil in the rearview mirror by cutting ties with L Brands, its longtime parent company.

Dire Prez Trump Prediction

Trump Warns "There Will Be a Lot of Death" in "Toughest Week" for Coronavirus Crisis

The Roberts Court Has Made the Looming Coronavirus Election Crisis So Much Worse Coronavirus Supply Czar Jared Kushner Demonstrates He Has No Grasp on Coronavirus Supply Situation After 9/11, America Rallied Behind New York. Not This Time.

Money Talk From AOC

AOC offers advice for young people to get around stimulus check exclusion

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez railed against a provision in the coronavirus cash assistance program that penalizes young people and offered advice on how to potentially get around that during a virtual town hall this week.

Coronavirus Briefing Debate

Trump team picks fight with Twitter, TV networks over political speech

's reelection campaign is aggressively pressuring Twitter and broadcast outlets to sanction or pull misleading political attacks from Democrats, accusing the social media giant and the news media of using a double-standard when it comes to policing political speech.

Veep Talks Virtual Democracy

Biden says 2020 convention may be 'virtual,' will wear mask in public amid COVID-19 outbreak

The convention was delayed to August. Former Vice President Joe Biden said Sunday on ABC's "This Week" the recently delayed Democratic Convention will have to happen, but conceded that it may need to be held virtually if the novel coronavirus continues to pose a public health threat by mid-August.

Chiefs Game Plan Examined

Kansas City Chiefs' Approach Is Perfect For Coronavirus-Affected Offseason, According To NFL Analyst

The Kansas City Chiefs have a plan in place for how they want to approach the offseason. After the restructuring of wide receiver Sammy Watkins' contract, it's clear the plan is to bring back as many pieces from last season as possible.

Local Cooking Advice

Looking for recipes while stuck at home? Try some of these local chef recipes

While stuck at home, you may as well make something delicious. A few renowned Kansas City chefs have shared their recipes for you and your family to try out during your coronavirus self-quarantine. You just may find your new go-to. Plowboys Burnt End Chili Photo provided This smoky, slightly spicy chili by Todd Johns, Plowboys Barbeque owner and award-winning Chief...

Kansas City Forecast For Now

60s Sunday, much warmer Mon. through Wed.


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Anonymous said...

From candice to katie, we will need some inspiration this week.

Anonymous said...

From Welfare to AOC, the young received their how to fraud entitlement speech. To think we give 1,200 checks to people with 1,500 cell phones is a fucking joke.

Anonymous said...

is mellinger saying that there won't be baseball of any kind?

Anonymous said...

mellinger needs to get a damn blog to hedge his bets against the silly star.

Anonymous said...

The City auditing itself.


Anonymous said...

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Helping her pooor supporters from the confines of her new luxury Washington D.C. condo.

Anonymous said...

it's clear the plan is to bring back as many pieces from last season as possible.

Yes that requires a lot of intelligence to come to that conclusion.

Anonymous said...

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend

The end
Of our elaborate plans
The end
Of everything that stands
The end
No safety or surprise
The end
I'll never look into your eyes

Anonymous said...

"Trump team picks fight with Twitter, TV networks over political speech"

As always. Blame and deflect.

Anonymous said...

Hey you ignorant cult members, read this link:

Your Dear Leader dissolved the PREDICT virus identification program back in October. This was a program that W started and Obama carried on. This could have been and likely would have been stopped in its tracks just like Ebola was but no, the fat orange fascist had to disband a program for who knows what reason. The reason is most likely he has no idea what he's doing and has no business running a lemonade stand, let alone a country. This isn't Monday morning quarterbacking either, this was predicted by experts. Are you unemployed morons still owning the libs?

Anonymous said...

How DARE anyone question a very stable genius?

The Real Facts said...

10:34 your facts and statement are wrong. Trump cut some of the fat cat salaries off is all he did the system was still in place. Obama had over loaded it with jobs for people who did nothing but get a fat check.

Anonymous said...

The pure stupidity of believing anything the MSM publishes about trump or the china virus.

Anonymous said...

^^^True. Fox News in the only reliable source. Getting news from any other source is treason.

Anonymous said...

^^^Tell us all what it’s like to be a lonely loser. Tell us all how you ended up here, no friends, family or life to speak of. We can use you as a cautionary tale.

Anonymous said...

I don't care if there isn't any baseball this year, lets face it, baseball is boring as shit and most people probably haven't noticed its not being played. The only people who noticed were probably downtown baseball stadium supporters so they are likely retarded anyway.

Football better not be cancelled, its really the only sport that matters

Anonymous said...

11:49 stop talking about yourself, 11:37 did make a good point and a truthful point.

Grip Madlock said...

Another left wing rang preaching nothing.

Anonymous said...

You misspelled Chiefs in the article title.

Anonymous said...

1107 I'd put fox in with the MSM too.

Where you really need to go is a place where there is no censorship, where facts and good ideas prevail over specious arguments, innuendo and propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Woops 1124

Anonymous said...

Really? What if they need a phone for work and family, asshole? But you right wing scolds are fine with giving trillions to foreign cruise lines with billion dollar ships, corrupt airlplane manufacturers whose planes crash & burn and are not needed anyway, and to every great hero of capitalism that blew their tax breaks on stock buybacks and saved nothing for a rainy day.

Anonymous said...

Which is a lot more useful than anything you ever did living in your mom's JOCO basement TV room.

Anonymous said...

10:53 Trump completely eliminated the problem in China, completely closed the lab. This didn't have to happen, it could have been just like Ebola. You remember Ebola right? That's the virus the half-black guys administration stopped in its tracks.

Anonymous said...

Fleeing the sorrowful walls
Shedding skins
Seeking lightness
The rays of the sun
By day or night
Fluidity faith

Anonymous said...

some pendants say it's Chieves, but the dictionary says it's irregular and remains Chiefs

Anonymous said...

Bertie Wooster says it's Jeeves.