Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Kansas City Stylists Proclaim, 'You're So Vain' To Clients Demanding Illegal Home Visits

Okay, that Carlie Simon song was before TKC's time but it fits for this classic bit of middle-class concern during a pandemic when people are dying to fighting to survive economic collapse:

Local hairstylists wish you'd stop asking them to break the law and cut your hair

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - In just the latest peculiar twist to our lives in the days of the coronavirus quarantine, metro hairstylists are urging people to stop asking them to risk their license by cutting customers' hair. "If I go cut someone else's hair, someplace that I'm not registered to do business at - that's [...]


Hu Fludu said...

You bathe yourself.
You wash your own hair.
You brush your own teeth.
You wipe your own butt.
You clip your own nails.
You dress yourself.

...but, I'm incapable of cutting my own hair.

See definition of "learned helplessness"

Anonymous said...

Just remember: This will end soon and the customers that you are trashing now will go elsewhere then.
Get off the pity pot. Your 10 seconds of Internet hysterics might have you styling hair on the local street corner when this is over.

Anonymous said...

^^Really? You seem dumb. Are you old are retarded?

Anonymous said...

Now, Chimpy. Didn't get your marshmellow Easter eggs like the bunny promised you?
Poor widdle thing.
Go suck on Mommy's titties in your safe space.

Anonymous said...

So retarded. They're literally shitting on their clientele. Fuck them.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to call this out as fake news. We've had all our hairs cut by the same ol' stylist as before. They were more than happy to come to the house and got a better tip for being rebels anyway (she seriously parked at an empty house down the street and walked up to ours). This is like telling the cops to go chase someone else so they're distracted by how righteous you are being by "telling off" you clients.

Anonymous said...

Agree. Those who've screwed us over during this crap will be remembered and will have trouble reeling customers back in. If he/she/they don't want to, fine. But don't trash your clients in an uppity tone in public. It reads like someone who doesn't really need the money, like Hubs makes the money, this is just a little side gig. Dumb use of down time.

Anonymous said...

It's only been three weeks Karen.

Jack007 said...

Maybe she can start trimming pubic hair when things get back to normal? Cunt!