Monday, April 06, 2020

Kansas City Still Connected To STL By Rail Transit Despite Coronavirus Pandemic

A glimpse at an essential mode of transit that only makes one trip a day . . . Read more:

"Amtrak has not canceled its Missouri River Runner route, which travels from Kansas City to St. Louis, but it is now only running one round trip per day, starting and ending in Kansas City."

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Public transit faces changes amid COVID-19

Public transportation is one of the essential services the Department of Homeland Security has outlined during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though transit is still operational, it is facing significant changes amid lower ridership and tighter scrutiny on sanitation during the outbreak.

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Anonymous said...

the train from kansas city to st. louis takes too long to be a practical alternative to driving--often six hours.

the maglev train would be great but it's not clear if its economic effect would be that significant.

missouri needs to get the dough to widen I-70 in the coming infrastructure plan.