Thursday, April 16, 2020

Kansas City Star Parent Company In Play

Look for a new owner as executive layoffs continue and digital subscriptions weren't enough to save this corporate news outlet in decline . . . Read more:

Creditors move to buy McClatchy, opening door to other bids for the whole company

The court filing comes as the coronavirus crisis has wrecked the economy and legal fees have mounted, endangering the future of McClatchy and other media companies. McClatchy announced furloughs and executive compensation cuts last week, none of which affected journalists.


Anonymous said...

I thought they did this months ago? Or are we just using the virus as a make this bigger than it really is issue? Good GOD just close the Red Star down no one really cares. They can get their commie news elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Pictured is the Smithsonian American Indian Museum, in the old NYC Customs House. Its exhibits are far better than the Indian Museum on the Mall in DC.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance.

Mike Fannin was a real asshole when he was in the Sports department.

Glad to see the Commie newspaper go under after all the hate they spewed against mainstream America.