Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Kansas City Star Claims Former Missouri Guv Greitens Gave Away Faulty N95 Masks

Beating up on this disgraced politico is easy work and part of the politically charged coverage we're seeing from the newspaper nowadays.

Beyond the headline, the report admits that nobody gave back their masks and other officials didn't find any fault with the donation.

And none of this is as fun or cheeky as making fun of the dude's presidential high hopes and inevitable divorce after failed bid to represent himself as a family man despite an inglorious cuckold gone wrong . . . Checkit:

Former Gov. Greitens donates faulty batch of N95 masks to Missouri fire department

One-hundred and fifty N95 masks that former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens donated to the Columbia Fire Department Monday turned out to be faulty, according to a fire official. The masks, which Assistant Chief Brad Frazier said failed the department's fit test, are now being used as if they were surgical masks.


Anonymous said...

What are his views on unsolicited bulk email?

Anonymous said...

He's all for it, provide it gets delivered to him by a vulnerable woman with emotional issues he can exploit.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Joe Biden will take care of this guy.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that the FAKE NEWS writers at the Star got caught roughing up Greitens while he was blindfolded?

I heard they took pictures, and like to pass them around the Star newsroom.

Anonymous said...

"Former Gov. Greitens donates faulty batch of N95 masks to Missouri fire department"

Falsely reported news.

There is nothing wrong with the masks if they are rated as N95 masks

Fire departments all over have very high fit tests that all masks they use have to pass. What you have is a fire department who hates Greitens and that is all.

They could have said sorry these won't pass our departments fit test and we ask they be donated to some one else.

To say they are faulty is a 100% slanderous statement.

Maybe Greitens will sue the Star