Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Kansas City Speed Traps Hope To Curb Rise Crashes Amid Coroanvirus Lockdown

Fair play . . . Po-po is out in full force toady targeting drivers with heavy feet on open roads . . . This is an importat switcheroo given that just a couple of months ago the Missouri Attorney General admonished the speed trap tactic.

However, the rise in local crashes and dangerous driving on empty streets has, apparently, necessitated the initiative.

Here's a note from our friends across the pond on the efficacy of this practice that might hurt "community policing" efforts:

Police ridiculed for trying to catch speeding drivers on EMPTY A-road

Traffic police have been ridiculed for trying to catch out drivers exceeding the speed limit on an empty A-road The speed trap was set up on the A3 at Tibbet's Corner, in Wimbledon, London The road which leads out onto the M25 was deserted due to lockdown measures Heavy-handed cops were spotted trying to catch speeding motorists - on an empty A-road.


Anonymous said...

Of course the police are going to be blamed for catching speeders most idiots today embrace crime. Take a look at Beyonce she is responsible for the killing of police officers and fatherless children and she is worshiped.

Wright Bros. said...

Are they going to stop the Bike Walk KC riders that impede traffic? No because these guys save hundreds of lives every year? Oh, that hasn't begun yet. Oh, it never will.

Anonymous said...

I've certainly seen more police in the last two weeks than I had in the previous six months. Not just noticing them more, I'm always vigilant riding dirty. They've been salivating at the thought of enforcing martial law. At least as the hoax is slowly seen for what it is, the State's ability to play that card is rapidly diminishing.