Sunday, April 19, 2020

Kansas City Pig Farmers Feeling Swine

Midwest pork plants are enduring coronavirus harsh times but here's just a big of delicious good news about the local supply of bacon backed up by a national network.

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Pig farmers fight food insecurity in Kansas City

(Kansas City) -- In conjunction with the National Pork Industry Forum, the pork industry donated 40,000 servings of pork to Harvesters, which is a community food bank in Kansas City. David Eaheart, who is the senior director of communications and Prairie Fresh marketing for Seaboard Foods, says this donation is all about caring for the community.


Anonymous said...

State and federal governments are shutting down food processors to purposely create food shortages, keep the fear/panic level elevated, and cause more unemployment because they're not finished enacting their plans to dramatically alter life in the U.S. for the worse.

Anonymous said...

I love a good conspiracy but who gains? And for what purpose?