Monday, April 06, 2020

Kansas City Northland Suffers Coronavirus Spike As First Death Reported

This suburban enclave was slow to start adding numbers but now the count continues to escalate . . . Read more:

Clay County sees first COVID-19 death, 35 cases overall

LIBERTY, MO - Health officials in Clay County announced the county's first death of a patient diagnosed with the coronavirus. According to the Clay County Public Health Center, the patent was a 64-year-old woman who first tested positive on March 25. She died Monday, and doctors noted that the case was not travel-related.


Anonymous said...

Spike might be a bit sensationalist, but whatever.

Actually the news is pretty good considering the forecasts of 1000s dead locally. Looks like the virus is burning out, an effective treatment has been found, and we can return to work to pay our bills.

I for one am breathing a sigh of relief.

Thank God and trump on seeing this country through this most trying time.

Anonymous said...

Thank god the dimwits are useless during this virus or the deaths would be in the millions. They have more important things going on like funding abortions and giving money to illegals, you know, the real lifesaving things.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, Sherry McIntyre is among the dead.

Anonymous said...

MAGA bots are working overtime tonight.