Kansas City New Hotness: Face Masks

The New York Times Seyz: It’s Time to Make Your Own Face Mask

Here's a local update on the debate of the 2020 fashion accessory of the moment . . . Read more:

In Policy Reversal, Kansas City's Children's Mercy Allows Workers To Wear Face Masks

In a major reversal after an outcry from workers, Children's Mercy Hospital announced Wednesday that it will allow all of its employees to continuously wear face masks during shifts for protection from the coronavirus. In addition, the hospital said it will begin screening workers on Thursday, according to an email obtained by KCUR.


  1. Bonnie and Clyde4/1/20, 6:31 PM

    Can you walk into a bank wearing a coronavirus mask?

  2. Children’s mercy’s lawyers probably told management to stfu and let them wear masks.

  3. Sorry Bonnie and Clyde, the banks are closed to walk ins, you’ll have to blast your way in! Lol!

  4. My Banks are all drive up only at this point. No lobby access. Tell me they don't give toasters out as well.

  5. Anybody know if any of the Stores still open are selling Donald Trump face masks?


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