Thursday, April 02, 2020

Kansas City Morning News Layout

A few months ago, legacy hottie Heidi shared a photo reminding us that she's still in AMAZING shape at 46 years-old. And this has inspired our morning peek at pop culture, community news and info from across the nation and around the world on this #TBT.

Kansas City Help Wanted

Kansas City-area companies still hiring amid coronavirus pandemic

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- There are companies in the Kansas City area that still hiring amid the coronavirus pandemic. Some companies needed to add staff to help respond to an increases demand because of COVID-19 and others are continuing to hire as normal. Most jobs are in manufacturing or grocery stores.

More Deets On Kansas City Small Biz Relief

Kansas City, Missouri offers small business emergency relief loans

Small businesses in Kansas City, Missouri now have another lifeline during the COVID-19 crisis. On Wednesday, Mayor Quinton Lucas detailed a new emergency relief fund aimed at keeping small businesses alive.As closed signs go up on countless businesses across Kansas City, there is help and hope coming from City Hall.

Crash Course In Kansas City Social Distance Learning

COVID-19 Gives Kansas City's Student Teachers A Crash Coursh In How To Run Online Classrooms

The spring semester is when most soon-to-be educators do their student teaching, but now they're trying to figure out distance learning even as their own education has been interrupted. Moriah Stonehocker is in her final semester at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and a student teacher at J.

Don't Waste That Fed Check

How to use your stimulus check, stay financially healthy during COVID-19

Multiple national surveys found a majority of Americans were already living paycheck to paycheck before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Now people around the metro are also finding themselves out of work. The 41 Action News Investigators went to a expert for financial advice.

Hottie Heidi Endures

Heidi Klum Opens Up About Loving Her Body and Having a Healthy Relationship with Food: 'I Feel Happy with Who I Am'

After more than 20 years working in the modeling industry, Heidi Klum has found a healthy and balanced diet that works for her. The German supermodel, 46, is featured on the cover of Red magazine's May 2020 issue, where she talks about her marriage to Tom Kaulitz, co-parenting with ex-husband Seal and body positivity.


Unemployment claims spiked to new record last week, with 6.6M Americans filing for aid

The number of Americans filing claims for unemployment benefits surged to more than 6.6 million last week, breaking a record high for the second week in a row as more states and cities enforced strict stay-at-home measures in an attempt to stop the coronavirus pandemic.

MAGA Focus Online

With Rallies Off The Table, Trump's Reelection Moves To Virtual Campaigning

It's been only a month since President Trump held his last campaign rally. It was March 2 when several thousand people squeezed into a North Carolina arena to cheer on a confident president seeking reelection at a time of peace and prosperity.

Protect America's Doc!!!

Anthony Fauci to get a security detail after facing threats, reports say

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, will get a security detail amid increased threats to his security, according to multiple reports. The 79-year-old doctor has been one of the most high-profile members of President Donald Trump's response to the coronavirus, earning praise and prompting the creation of fan-made paraphernalia from donuts to bobbleheads.

Americans In Need

'A perfect storm': US facing hunger crisis as demand for food banks soars

An unprecedented number of Americans have resorted to food banks for emergency supplies since the coronavirus pandemic triggered widespread layoffs across the country. The demand for food aid has increased as much as eightfold in some areas, according to an investigation by the Guardian, which gives a nationwide snapshot of the hunger crisis facing the US as millions become unemployed.

Old School Rules Explained

Social Security recipients won't need tax returns to claim stimulus checks, administration says after outcry

Social Security recipients are set to automatically receive their coronavirus relief stimulus payments after the government reversed course on a decision that cause widespread outcry from lawmakers and advocacy groups. Backlash ensued after the IRS indicated that people who do not normally file tax returns would need to file an abbreviated return to get the $1,200 payout earlier in the week.

Mama Kangaroo Calls Out City College Over Coronavirus

Mother criticizes UMKC response to daugher's illness

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - Sarah Lynch is a UMKC Law student who is in critical condition after testing positive for the coronavirus. She's at KU Hospital where she's been touch and go at different moments. Louise Lynch, Sarah's mother, said her daughter was pressured to show up at UMKC for a meeting at the law school.

Cloudy Kansas City Thursday

Scattered showers Thursday, widespread rain possible Friday

Friday's rain brings a cold front and a big drop in temperatures

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Anonymous said...

Heidi helps us cope!

Anonymous said...

Picking Urself Up By Your Bootstraps 101

Welcome to 2020

Anonymous said...

"With Rallies Off The Table, Trump's Reelection Moves To Virtual Campaigning"

Oh, now. Don't let that Democrat and fake media hoax keep you from holding Trump rallies! The bigger the better!

Anonymous said...

What did anyone expect from UMKC? Didn't you know they are too busy bashing Trump, violently assaulting conservatives, and pleading for illegals to stay and get top priority. So just remember not to hire anyone who went to UMKC some of them don't even know how to count change back and that's a fact. I had the pleasure of dealing with these idiots.

Anonymous said...

^^^^And yet you couldn't find UMKC with a map and GPS. Weird.

Anonymous said...

What if the virus mutates and there's a second, even worse wave in the fall, as happened with the Spanish flu?

Anonymous said...

Well, @10:34 this Fall Donald rump will still be in the White House, so the response then will be fucked up too!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the KCMO "business relief plan" is yet another not-thought-through knee-jerk reaction from smiley selfies Lucas.
$500,000 pool of tax money.
With grants up to $25,000.
That might mean ONLY 20 businesses get any help.
This will end up making way more enemies than friends.
And no, on to approval of another $4.7 million for streetcar PLANNING.
You really can't make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

We need bigly rallies for Trump! Biggest and best ever. Rallies so big, thousands upon thousands will be lined up unable to get in. Schedule one for every city! Hurry!