Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Kansas City Midweek Stay At Home News

A quick collection of pop culture, community news and info from across the nation and around the world . . .

I-70 Reopen Conversation

St. Louis, KC areas consider extending stay-at-home orders

Regional leaders in St. Louis and Kansas City may decide by the end of the week whether to extend stay-at-home orders in Missouri's two largest urban areas, regardless of whether the statewide mandate is allowed to expire.Kansas City, St. Louis and their suburbs invoked stay-at-home orders several days before Gov.

Golden Ghetto Collective Bargaining Teachable Moment

Shawnee Mission district fights state decision voiding 3-year teacher union contract

The Shawnee Mission school district is appealing a decision from the Kansas Department of Labor, which ruled the district committed a "prohibited practice" when it imposed a rare three-year unilateral contract on the teachers union. In filing the appeal in Johnson County District Court, the district argued the labor department "committed numerous, highly problematic errors" in reaching its decision, calling its procedure unconstitutional.

KCK Guv By Tech

Kansas City, Kansas, adds digital services as health crisis closes offices | StateScoop

Written by Ryan Johnston Apr 15, 2020 | STATESCOOP Starting Tuesday, residents of Kansas City, Kansas, and surrounding Wyandotte County got access to a mobile app that replicates digitally many of services normally offered at physical government offices that have been closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hotness At Home Revealed

Yaslen Clemente Slays In A Skimpy Metallic Gold Bikini For Sexy Instagram Video

Yaslen Clemente thrilled her 1.7 million Instagram followers with her latest post, a smoking-hot video that showcased her sizzling physique in a skimpy bikini. Yaslen started out the video posed in front of a wall covered in small reflective tiles, creating a stunning backdrop for her incredible physique.

Political Ladies Fight Over Coronavirus Shut Down Supplies

Gretchen Whitmer clarifies stay-at-home order after Meghan McCain slam

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer clarified Sunday that the state's updated coronavirus stay-at-home order doesn't ban purchasing child car seats in stores after Meghan McCain slammed the governor in a retweet. "Hi Meghan! Our Stay Home, Stay Safe executive order does not ban the purchasing of car seats for children," Whitmer tweeted to the 'View' co-host.

Playing COVID-19 Stat Game

Why Did The World Shut Down For COVID-19 But Not Ebola, SARS Or Swine Flu?

When reports of a new virus circulating in China's Hubei province first began to emerge, I was cautious about overreacting. I've reported on health long enough to know that just because a pathogen is new doesn't necessarily mean there's a crisis. Of course, I quickly realized this isn't just any virus.

Great American Reopen Peep

Leaked federal docs cite possible US reopening from coronavirus in May

Leaked federal agency documents outline planning for the US to end the economically crippling coronavirus lockdown in May, according to a report. A three-stage process is described in leaked documents dated April 10 developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in cooperation with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Trump Check Waiting Game

If you didn't get a stimulus check today, don't panic-here's how to see when it's coming

Over 80 million Americans will see the coronavirus stimulus checks deposited into their bank accounts today. If you haven't gotten yours but are eligible for a payment, don't worry - it's coming.

French Fried Tribute

Rescue on hold for fragile old lady of Paris

When the wind blows around Notre Dame these days, strange, whistling chimes fill the air. A ghostly harmony made by the gaping holes in the old medieval structure, left by the fire exactly a year ago. For most of the past year, this quiet music was drowned out by the noises of construction work, the tourists and traffic around Notre Dame.

Meth Town Pool Cancelled

Independence says Adventure Oasis Water Park will not open for 2020 season

City officials in Independence, Missouri, have decided Adventure Oasis Water Park will not open for its 2020 season.The city said the decision was made out of the abundance of caution for public health due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as due to budgetary considerations of what would likely be a limited pool season.

Local Mags Mostly Serve As Booze Biz Promotional Tool

Boulevard announces limited edition beer tie-in for video game 'The Last of Us II'

Boulevard's beer for The Last of Us II / Courtesy Boulevard Brewing Co. With the cancellation of Boulevardia, we could all use some good news. That's why I'm mumbling "oh my god" to myself alone in my office, because this announcement is WILD to me. Boulevard Brewing Co.

KC Sewn Togther Debate

Filling a demand, sewing warriors hit a snag

Photo: Chancie Adams created a YouTube tutorial for face masks. He is setting up a face mask "factory" at the Martin City Event Space. Photo by Kathy Feist. By Kathy Feist Proud of her young daughter's sewing efforts to create homemade surgical masks, Stacey Moorehead offered them for free to anyone in need on a community Facebook site.

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Anonymous said...

Thick list of links T, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Oh, look at these idiots with gettin the Governor of Michigan with a "gotcha". How about this, use your fucking head? Is it cool to go to Wal-Mart to get some new dish towels or shop for knick knacks? And what kind of idiot is really that close to giving birth and hasn't thought to get out and get the car seat and shit already? You want to talk about people looking for something to bitch about.

Retro ROCKER said...

Many towns in Missouri will be open. If Q wants,to destroy small business in KANSAS CITY, The tax,Dollars will go to other towns. There are people who have a few bucks to spend. A day trip, There are many bugged out in there vacation homes at the Lake of the Ozarks. According to the Lake News .

Anonymous said...

I said this from the beginning, this virus came out of the lab in Wuhan. We have been reassured that was not the case, but reports are slowly leaking out to the contrary. Notice how we are always warmed up to the realities of any situation?