Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Kansas City Metro Coronavirus Update

Mid-morning latest on the coronavirus pandemic crisis from across the metro . . .

KCMO Health Department: "Based on reports in other cities, we are not surprised to find the largest number of confirmed cases in our 3rd District, where we also see a higher percentage of Black/African American residents with underlying health conditions that make people more susceptible to the virus." Here's the KCMO District COVID-19 Map.

Fox4KC: 10 people have now died in Wyandotte County due to COVID-19

KMBC: 4 new cases of COVID-19, 1 additional death reported in Johnson County, Kansas

KCUR: 4 Dead, 37 Positive Cases of COVID-19 Clustered At Kansas City, Kansas, Rehabilitation Facility

KCTV5: Get your house ready for COVID-19 with a family plan

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Anonymous said...

JoCo needs to arrange for testing--as does the rest of the world--to allow opening up prior to a vaccine.

Anonymous said...

Is WHO going to be cancelled?

Anonymous said...

And now the truth about Trump's "miracle Drug" comes out - his personal Family Trusts, his biggest donors, and even his Golfing Buddies all have investments in the Company that produces it, and in the companies rushing to get "generic" untested Over the Counter versions of it out into the Market!

Anonymous said...

^^What would we do without your brilliant input?

Anonymous said...

Nah, the money isn't the thing on Trump's fascination with the "miracle drug". He's just a narcissist who wants a quick fix so he can say "look what I did, I solved the problem".

I think I'll pass on it.

Anonymous said...

It's all about Trump for you, 24/7. How weird.

Anonymous said...

TDS let's hope it's terminal.

Yeah how wrong of him to tout an effective treatment.

Democratic Michigan Lawmaker Praises Trump, Anti-Malaria Drug for Saving Her

Democratic State Rep. Karen Whitsett of Detroit credits Trump for touting hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malaria drug, which she says saved her in a battle with the coronavirus, Paul Egan of the Detroit Free Press reports.
Whitsett tested positive for Covid-19 and started taking hydroxychloroquine on March 31, which was prescribed by her doctor after both she and her husband sought treatment for a range of symptoms.
"It was less than two hours" before she started to feel relief, the paper reports. She said she had been experiencing shortness of breath, swollen lymph nodes and sinus discomfort. She still has headaches.
Had it not been for Trump promoting the drug, the legislator says she wouldn't have known to ask for it, nor would her doctor have likely prescribed it.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Ouch! That ones gonna leave another mark on the dimwits! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Do you know how to spot a dimwit? They’ll have little black bruises all over their bodies from people pushing them away with ten foot poles! Lol!

Local Case said...

So one anecdote is proof?

Well here you go! A local case that destroys every MAGA talking point.

It's not just old people. Check.
It's not just people with underlying conditions. Check.
Slow testing and less than perfect test results. Check.
The illness not like a cold but can require hospitalization, intensive care and ventilator. Check.
Hydrochloride used and failed. Check.

Now go get your shinebox, dipshit.


Eric is just 43 years old and a married father of two. But the diehard Royals baseball fan is now hospitalized, fighting off the virus.

"Eric was healthy. He had no issues, and it just took him out," said Elizabeth, Eric's wife.

Elizabeth said her husband came back from a business trip to Atlanta in early March. A few days later, he started feeling off. Then the first weekend home, the first wave of the coronavirus hit him like a ton of bricks.

"By Sunday morning, he had a raging fever and could hardly breathe, felt like something was sitting on his chest," she said.

The couple reached a tele-health doctor, who advised they go to the E.R. Eric was initially hospitalized, given a COVID-19 test and sent home four days later.

In the following days, Eric only got worse.

"By that Sunday, he was back in the hospital. That's when they sedated him and put him on the ventilator," Elizabeth said.

It turns out Eric's first test was invalid. He was tested again, and it confirmed he had contracted COVID-19.

Eric was intubated on a ventilator for 13 days.

"It was scary. It was definitely touch and go there for a while," she said.

Eric was given the hydrochloroquine and Z-pak combo, but it didn't do much good.

Anonymous said...

Again Local Case, you're trying to cherry pick specific cases to support your agenda. So the entirety of "this is what we tried, he was perfectly healthy, etc." is reported ONLY by his family (wife). We don't have to disbelieve the wife, but I want to hear from the medical professionals who directly examined or treated him as to underlying health, what and how he was treated. The last cluster of 6ish cherry picked cases from around the country were the same, no specific medical professional analysis, just friends and family. Yes, yes, its tragedy, no doubt. But if you're going to get your wish of 240k to 500k AMERICANS ONLY dead you have to look at it statistically, unemotionally, not cherry picked emotional articles written for clicks rather than rational, factual information dissemination. Bottom line, the rates, total counts, reduction in other causes of mortality, simply don't support that this will be any worse than even our worse flu year. Yes, curse, wish death upon my family, etc. etc., you progs don't change. Oh, yeah, facts don't either.

Anonymous said...

^^^ But quoting a state senator from Michigan with no medical backup is perfect evidence for your agenda...

Nobody wants 250K dead Americans. What the fuck is wrong with you???

Anonymous said...

Translation: Orange Man Bad, a possible cure must not be tried because the Bad Orange Man mentioned it first.

TDS can kill. Or sheer obsessive stupidity. Either way.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for sane governors and mayors that ordered stay at home orders and shutdowns.

Trump didn't order anything to close and said the feds would lead from behind by providing only backup to the states.

Global medical models showed that if the Trump do nothing plan were allowed to continue, there would have been between 1 and 2 million dead Americans.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if coumo touts it too, will tha help?

THE HILL: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) said Monday that early responses to the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine “anecdotally” suggest its use in the coronavirus fight has been “effective,”

Anonymous said...

Dafuq did I quote? Where are the medical professionals information regarding the young and healthy? I have not found ANY articles. I have seen your posts to emotional click-bait articles with no actual backup. Frankly I've heard more articles WITH medical professionals indicating success of various treatments than vice versa. You progs are the most blood thirsty group the world has ever seen killing, death and suffering are your trade, fear mongering and faux outrage are your tools. You sick puppies.

Anonymous said...

PS you just have to wonder why the dems and msm are so against the use of antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine, but instead are in favor of a yet to be developed vaccine that even optimistic estimates will not be widely available for months and probably won't be any more effective than the flu vaccine (only 50% effective on ave)...why are they so invested in keeping this going and making it as worse as possible...I just wonder why they would do that?

If it works it works, use it. Doctors actually treating patients say it works..who you gonna listen to pelosi or your doctor?

Anonymous said...

What makes satire comedy great is the truth of the joke, to wit:

NEW YORK, NY—When Jeffrey Walton tested positive for COVID-19, he hoped for a speedy recovery. But since he has been treated with hydroxychloroquine, the experimental treatment President Donald Trump has been touting, he now hopes he dies quickly to help prove that Trump is an idiot.

While Trump has been giving people hope that hydroxychloroquine could save lives, his political opponents have called it false hope and claimed Trump has no idea what he’s talking about. Walton, a lifelong Democrat and progressive, had joined in calling Trump “irresponsible” and an “ignoramus” and now has an opportunity to prove it by simply dying. “It’s such an opportunity, I don’t want to pass it up,” Walton said.

Doctor Glenn Logan, Walton’s physician, says he’s been up and down. “After we gave him the hydroxychloroquine, he got really excited about the idea of dying to prove Trump is dumb, and his good mood helped his condition, and he started to improve. Because that would only help Trump, his getting healthier made him depressed, which caused his condition to deteriorate. Which made him really happy. Which helped him recover and... Well, it’s been a weird cycle.”

Dr. Logan has been warning Walton that there is a chance he could fully recover. Walton is trying to prepare himself for this -- a world where everything isn’t black and white and Trump can be right about some things -- but he insists he’d much rather die.

Diddling Don said...

Trump lied; Americans died.

Anonymous said...

Dd tell me this, assuming trump lied, how many deaths would we still have had he told the truth?

Medical Records said...

You want a medical evidence and not "click-bait" of actual individual medical stories? OK.

In the first major study released, 399 out of 1590 infected patients had an underlying health condition. Conversely, 1191 did not. Those with those underlying conditions were more likely to become seriously ill or die, but those without conditions were not excluded from hospitalizations and death.

Not that this will matter to MAGA deniers. They argued it was like a cold. A democratic hoax. Then it will go away on it's own like a miracle. Then only old people get it. Then only pre-existing conditions. Then it's no worse than the flu. Then there is a miracle cure. They keep moving the goal posts to defend Trump's inaction. For god's sake, accept the scientific truth.

"People with pre-existing illness are more likely to get seriously ill from Covid-19, and men have a higher incidence of such chronic illnesses as cardiovascular disease.

In the first large study of the effect of underlying illness, researchers in China analyzed 1,590 patients from throughout the country with laboratory-confirmed disease. They calculated how “co-morbidities” — existing illnesses — affected the risk of being admitted to intensive care, being put on a ventilator, or dying.

After taking into account the patients’ ages and smoking status, the researchers found that the 399 patients with at least one additional disease (including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hepatitis B, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic kidney diseases, and cancer) had a 79% greater chance of requiring intensive care or a respirator or both, or of dying. The 130 with two or more additional diseases had 2.5 times the risk of any of those outcomes."

Anonymous said...

Hydroxychloroquine has been around for many decades, I used it on trips to South America. In most countries you dont need a prescription as you cant get high from it, overdose, and its not an abused drug. People in those areas really need it, without it, they will get malaria on a countrywide level. I think its been around since the 1950's so its nothing new or special.

Anonymous said...

^^^ So has penicillin and aspirin. Doesn't mean they work on this coronaviris.

Here's an idea. Let's see what data is collected from clinical trials and emergency use (along with several other drugs). So far anecdotally, it's still very much an unknown.

In the meantime, a real president would get the feds concentrating on manufacturing masks, gowns, gloves, ventilators, and other supplies. There are logistics to manage and temporary hospitals to build. Bragging about an unknown drug is a waste of time and ignoring immediate needs.

Anonymous said...

Idiot let's just wait until they develop the vacinne in a year or 2 that may or may not work instead of letting doctors try A cheap readily available drug that has worked for a lot of ppl.

Why the fuck are you so butthurt about doctors prescribing a med they say works...it's a fucking riddle to me. I literally cannot understand why, please explain it to me like I am retarded because I cannot wrap my mind around it.

Anonymous said...

Medical Records..what a waste of time arguing with yourself on your strawman argument... no one ever said a young healthy person could not die, shit the flu can kill a young healthy person too, the fact is the average age of deaths is about 81 and most, not all, of any age have some prxtg condition.

Anonymous said...

The My pillow patriot is making 50K masks a day. Ford is making ventilators, some jersey co is making gowns. The problem with you fucks is that what ever trump does it will never be enough.

Anonymous said...

The mendacity of the left never stops and knows no bounds. Trump has shares in a mutual fund that owns shares in a drug company...literally anyone with a 401k or mutual fund will too. Huffpost estimates his share as between 100 to 1500 dollars, not thousands, not millions but dollars.

The drug is a generic drug that can be made by any drug company.

MDSF said...

.....sure I want a drug that someone who isn't a doctor says........
......Yeah!...go ahead and give it a try.......it might work! might not......I don't know.....if it doesn't........WHO CARES! YOU'RE A LOSER ANYWAY!

P.S. Even Malaria Doesn't Care,,,,,,Do You?

Anonymous said...

How obtuse can you be, doctors are the ones prescribing it and saying it works. Trump can't write prescriptions or give it to anyone.

Anonymous said...

Not a straw-man.

There are multiple posters on this site (3:37 as an example) that argue all day long that young health people aren't impacted by the virus. Only old and sick people.

Once the proof is shoved in the face of the MAGA crowd, they disown the original argument and move on to the next lie. That's damn familiar.

Trump should have signed defense production orders in January and not wait until April. Even now, he only signed it and has not followed up with any action or orders to the companies.

Tweets don't count. He tweeted to Ford by hasn't ordered them to produce anything. He tweeted GM should us a plant they had sold years ago.

"Nearly a week after invoking his powers under a Korean War-era law to compel General Motors to manufacture ventilators for coronavirus, President Donald Trump’s administration has not formally ordered any of the machines, USA TODAY has learned."

His ventilator directive were on other companies already producing them.

3M told him the directive he recently signed on masks will actually cut supply.

Trump has fucked this response every which way, including his 2 hour daily pressers wasting our time with lies and propaganda about his administrations actions (and his medical advice).

Kansas Stats said...

There you go again. I'm arguing a strawman? You go right back to the average infected person is elderly and sick and quote the average age as 81??? A stat obviously pulled from your ass.

Current Kansas stats show average hospitalization age is 63, with a range of 27 to 95. Documented.

All cases also span all age groups with average age of 54.

Cases by Age Group
0-9, 8
10-19, 11
20-34, 140
35-44, 118
45-54, 172
55-64, 181
65-74, 140
75-84, 80
85+, 50

BTW 50K masks a day??? That's not a serious national response. The system needs 3.5 billion.


Here's the deal. Stop posting bullshit and I won't have to expose your lies.

Anonymous said...

The Sleepy Joe Biden supporter is a retard trying to prop up a cadaver.

Average age of death to corona virus IS 81 years old and two or more pre existing conditions. They were sadly going to pass away anyway of their other ailments.

Anonymous said...

@12:44, I went ahead and read your study. You should have linked it specifically, but then again, I doubt you actually read it through. The study was published with no peer review as of yet. Maybe the statements are correct, but there is plenty of evidence to indicate it is based on incomplete data. I'll wait until studies emerge here that are peer reviewed and vetted. Your study indicates serious conditions and death. I've not argued that the young and healthy can't "get" the virus, I'm say we don't die from it without underlying health conditions; your study indicates the same. Though it also states the prevalence of men->woman though it was only a 51-49 split, that isn't a statistically significant difference and was a poor statement to make. Bottom line as I've been posting for over five weeks here: we will not see more deaths from CoVid than a high-rate yearly flu. For the last three weeks I've revised that statement based on little obscure articles and statements here and there that our net mortality rate (flu, heart, lung, kidney, etc.) will NOT change from years past without contributions from CoVid.

Anonymous said...

Read it again. Young healthy people die. There are examples. I don't know why you continue to repeat the lie that they don't.

As more waiting for peer reviewed data to pass judgment, I expect we won't hear a peep about Trump's miracle drugs for the foreseeable future, correct? Good.

Every model says you're dead wrong about less deaths than a bad flu season (60K to 80K). Only with serious mitigation efforts will this stay under 100K - 200K deaths. Without mitigation, the numbers were over 1 million dead Americans. That's from Trump's team. That's far worse than the flu. The first monthly total of 10K deaths in earliest stage of spread back that up.