Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Kansas City Hump Day News Link Pool

Right now we share tribute to Kim K's iconic fashion goodness as we gather news on pop culture, community info and reports from across the nation. Checkit:

Pitch Posts Vital Info For Kansas City Job Seekers

Are you looking for a job? KC Career Network has 5,000

Courtesy of TeamKC More than 40 Kansas City companies have listed thousands of open positions on KC Career Network to help those displaced by coronavirus. TeamKC, a talent attraction initiative of the Kansas City Area Development Council (KCADC), is leveraging KC Career Network to list more than 5,000 full-time, part-time and seasonal positions available in industries including technology, professional services and health care....

Kansas City Jokes COVID-19 & Local Memorials

Masked statues are making a statement all over the world-and KC has joined in on the trend

Like many people around the world, statues are wearing surgical masks during the coronavirus pandemic. In unsettling times, putting surgical masks on statues has become a national movement and brings a sort of worldwide camaraderie by way of conceptualized art. Around the world, surgical masks have made their way onto sculptured faces of a powerful Queen Victoria in England, Freddie...

Fed Cash Coming Soon

Kansas City community health centers receive millions in COVID-19 response grant

Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center, Swope Health Services, and KC Care Health Center received millions in COVID-19 response grant funding from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (Mo.), co-chair of the Senate Community Health Center Caucus, announced that the HHS awarded $27 million total to Missouri to 29 Missouri community health centers (CHCs).

Kim K. Wayback Peek

I Just Discovered Kim Kardashian West Was On "Cribs" In 2007 And These Pictures Show How Dramatically Different Kim Lived Then Vs. Now

Back when she organized closets for Paris Hilton and actually had a toilet. It's well known that Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West live in a $50 million abandoned museum. While scrolling on Facebook through the typical doom, gloom, and problematic posts from people I went to high school with, I came across a video MTV posted of Kim showing off her house on Cribs in 2007.

Prez Trump Talks Tiger King

Trump jokes he'll 'look into' pardon for 'Tiger King' after asked by reporter at virus briefing

On Wednesday President Trump was asked during his daily coronavirus press briefing whether he would consider a pardon for Joe Exotic, whose story was detailed in the hit Netflix series "Tiger King."

W.H.O. Worries About Cash

WHO chief calls for end of virus 'politicisation'

The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) has urged unity, a day after the agency came under fire from US President Donald Trump. Speaking on Wednesday, Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus defended the WHO's work and called for an end to the politicisation of Covid-19.

COVID-19 Ramps Up

US states race to fight the nearly 400,000 coronavirus cases with long-awaited medical shipments

The United States is quickly approaching 400,000 coronavirus cases, and states grappling with the overwhelming numbers are bringing in medical equipment and medication to battle the virus.

Feel The Bern Cont'd

Bernie Sanders' political revolution is not over

In his speech dropping out of the 2020 presidential race, Bernie Sanders quoted Martin Luther King Jr: "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice." The long "fight for justice", Sanders continued, "is what our movement remains about." His use of the present tense stood out.

Scribe Called It Long Ago

Stephen King Is Sorry You Feel Like You're Stuck In A Stephen King Novel

subscribe to Coronavirus Daily podcast In his 1978 novel author Stephen King wrote about a viral pandemic that decimated the world's population. And he gets it when fans say experiencing the COVID-19 outbreak feels like stepping into one of his horror stories.

Kansas City Invites Royals Mascot To Hacked Group Chat

Sluggerrr wants to crash your classroom Zoom call

He's the best Major League Baseball mascot in our hearts, and he wants to hang out with your class!Kansas City Royals mascot Sluggerrr wants to drop in on your classroom Zoom call with your students.With MLB still out for the season due to the coronavirus, he wants to drop by and hang out!Sluggerrr's appearance on Zoom is totally free.

Another Kind Of JoCo Trade Up

Olathe man barters for cleaning supplies that he needs

OLATHE, KS (KCTV) - We've all been there when a trip to the grocery store ends with only about half the items on your list checked off. That's what kept happening to John Woods, so he's getting creative in his search for those coveted goods.

Goat Nicknames Make Captivity Slightly More Tolerable

KC Zoo reveals winning names for goat triplets

The Kansas City Zoo unveiled the names of three goat triplets on Tuesday.The zoo announced a contest to name the triplets, two boys and one girl, who were born to mom, Poppy, on March 30.The winning names are Popcorn, Peanut and Crackerjack. The Kansas City Zoo unveiled the names of three goat triplets on Tuesday.

And this is the OPEN THEAD for tonight . . .


Anonymous said...

That's a lot of news and ass. Thanks, T.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the WHO. They are the main reason we are stuck in this hopeless jam.

Anonymous said...

^^^^No actually it losers like you as the reason.

Anonymous said...

^^^wrong again Trumpkin. The big orange dufus is to blame. This is just another Trump deflection. Nobody’s buying it. Well you are...but you don’t matter. Get your cough checked Boomer. Bye bye now. Tick tock.

Anonymous said...

who guy is a clown. Glad President Trump shut him DOWN!

Anonymous said...

UNSW Professor Mary-Louise McLaws advises the WHO on controlling disease outbreaks. She says hands must still be washed before and after wearing gloves, so it's best not to rely on them at all.

LOL "expert logic" at its finest.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Wow some IYI is now advising the WHO. Funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

Google has banned the Zoom app from all employee computers due to 'security vulnerabilities'

Anonymous said...

Oh Chimpy. Stop touching the afflicted tigers! Don't you know that the WHO has been giving China cover during the whole crisis?

You know about China, right? Where the virus started? Where your friends the pandas are from? Oh Chimpy.

Anonymous said...

According to CNN states are struggling with the 400,000 cases - wtf hasn't anyone gotten better except tom hanks, are all 400K in the hospital. God how misinformed you must be to rely on cnn for your news or TKC for that matter - use to think this was a pretty's not.

meanwhile in reality, hospitals are laying off staff, cali and new york now say they have too many ventalators, another downward estimate of fatalities from a high of 2.5 million to lower than 50K in us.

Meanwhile in sweden, that has done virtually nothing...has comparable per capita fatalities.

The only thing all this fear mongering is accomplishing is killing the economy, your job is gone, wages are going to tank, thanks MSM and dems. you are going back to work so hit the pavement, fillout your applications because your bills and rent are coming due - there is no law in the world that can make your landlord waive your rent or bank waive your mortgage, so the only thing you accomplished while huddled in your basement is you fucked up up the economy for everyone - including your self. trump is still president and he will crush biden.

Anonymous said...

Kim wasn't to bad a looking lady till she tried to go all ghetto black.

Anonymous said...

Tedros is a disgusting little worm.

Common Sense said...

WHO declared coronavirus a global emergency on January 30.

Donald Trump declared coronavirus a national emergency on March 13.


Anonymous said...

^^ Trump instituted a travel ban from China on January 31st. The Dems called him racist and went back to trying to impeach him.


Anonymous said...

^^^For the last FUCKING TIME, it was a ban on Chinese people. Flights still continued to come from China with American citizens and others. You know, since they weren't Chinese they fucking obviously couldn't be infected with a virus from China. You fucking dumb fucking fucks will eat any ol shit sandwich Trump puts in front of you. Quit trotting out this bullshit, fucking loser. Do us all favor and suck a pistol or something so we can clean up the gene pool, dumbfuck.

Anonymous said...

Trump didn't cancel a single flight from anywhere. He didn't setup any airport screenings. He allow tens of thousands to travel to and from China, even Wuhan, as the outbreak accelerated. He allowed wide open travel to and from Europe until mid-March allowing thousands of cases into the US.

Of all his broken promises, Trump's surrender on walls, restricting immigration, and travel bans is the most shocking. That was his core value and he utterly failed.


W.H.O. January 30th global emergency.
Trump March 13th emergency.

And Trump has the nerve to accuse the W.H.O. of getting it wrong?