Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Kansas City Historian Speculates On New Normal After Coronavirus Pandemic Impact

A blast from the past might not account for so many new and improved ways for tech to help with surveillance of every sort in the name of public health . . . Read more:

How society will change after coronavirus according to an elite pandemic historian

It's been a century since a pandemic brought the nation to an unsteady stop. After such a passage of time, there's only the faintest public memory of the deadliest disease outbreak humanity has ever seen, one that claimed fifty million lives worldwide. That's why Nancy Tomes is suddenly getting calls from across the country.

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Anonymous said...

This is Nothing like the spanish flu. The spanish flu ave age of death was 28, this is over 80 with most deaths in nursing homes.

There was no treatment for the spanish flu, there is for this bullshit

The spanish flu killed over 50 million out of a population of 2 billion, this will barely make it to maybe 200K world wide out of a population nearly 8 billion.

They did not lock down entire states in the spanish flu, just a few cities.

This is more like the flu than anything else, a fake media panic flu.

Sweden did about nothing and is no worse off, but will be better off with herd immunity and no wrecked economy.