Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Kansas City Faith Blogger Talks Diversity

A worthwhile consideration of workplace respect, inclusion and consideration that's worth considering given that social media and the current American epoch have left many feeling "distant" from humankind . . . Checkit:

Is religious diversity good for business?

As you know if you've been anything like a regular reader of my words for the last several decades, I have advocated religious literacy and interfaith understanding for many reasons. One reason for such advocacy that I hadn't given a...


Giovanni Gasparro said...

I was wondering when the diversity propaganda would resume.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine any organization wanting to hire a Muslim, other than the Taliban or some other terrorist group.

Anonymous said...

Allah sucks goat dick. All Muslims suck goat dick.

Anonymous said...


Smacked down for his secular designer idolatry and blasphemous anti-Christian screeds, Tammeus retorts with misguided advice to bring religion into the workplace. Does this guy ever learn?

Referencing a questionable article from RealClear Religion (because Tammeus has no original thoughts) he supposes that despite years of declining attendance at houses of faith "it would seem logical that businesses would want to develop policies aimed at facilitating and protecting the free practice of religious beliefs, which would in turn foster the health and well-being of their workforce." Come again? Businesses which are already severely overburdened with regulations from federal/state/local bureaucracies should embrace the opportunity to hurt themselves further? Is this guy serious?

Hold on just a second, now I'm onto this scheming masked bandit. Could it be that Tammeus is attempting to set himself up for a lifetime of "faith in the workplace" consulting contracts? Impose mandatory requirements upon all business employing more than 3 wise men, and Tammeus (for a fee or "love offering") will guide them through the approved maze of liberal ideology.

Workplace examples:
Wiccan Wednesdays -- draw a pentagram in blood on the lunchroom floor and encourage employees to make sacrificial offerings to cleanse themselves.

When Billy (the drama queen) shows up to work nailed on his homemade cross, embrace his creativity and promote his theatrical inclusion.

When Taneishqua' begins proselytizing her apostolic beliefs to potential sales clients on the phone, smile and tell yourself that she's fundamentally a good person.

When Kareem unfurls his prayer rug for Asr, blocking the exit at closing time, explain to the disgruntled others that they should feel free to join him or bow their head in silence until he's finished.

Yeah, that's going to work just great!

MDSF said...

.....Just why is a god doing this to us?
Surly someone knows.........