Saturday, April 25, 2020


As the world moves to an online economy, the fight for worker rights intensifies . . . Here's the local angle and recent activism:

KC DoorDash driver starts petition for hazard pay; what other companies are doing

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Every time Chase Peterson goes to pick up an order, he wonders if he's putting himself at risk of catching COVID-19. Peterson is a delivery driver for DoorDash in Kansas City, Missouri. Delivery drivers are considered essential workers who are still on the job while stay-at-home orders mean thousands of other people aren't working or are working remotely.

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Buck said...

Please stop using 3rd party delivery services. Either get off your lazy ass and carry out or call the restaurant directly for delivery. Those partnered with 3rd parties have to pay about 20% and those who aren't get stuck quite often when they don't show to pick up the food already prepared. The people who actually prepared your food and served it to the driver receive NO TIPS. You don't know these drivers and they are not affiliated with the store you order from. They've had no food safety training. Plz, ORDER DIRECT