Wednesday, April 15, 2020


The latest pronouncement from public officials that will influence public policy . . .

KMBC: Area health directors recommend extending stay-at-home orders through May 15

Fox4: Public health officials in KC region urge leaders to extend local stay-at-home orders to mid-May

KCTV5: Coordinated regional efforts are under way to ease restrictions as soon as it is safe to do so. The peak infection date in the metropolitan area may vary from statewide peaks in Kansas and Missouri.

KSHB: The Mid-America Regional Council said that public health officials and directors in the Kansas City metro determined that date based on “estimates of the anticipated peak of infection” in the area at the end of April.

Tonight's roundup:

KCMO Health Department Reports No New Deaths Today: As of April 15, Kansas City has recorded 371 positive COVID-19 cases and 12 deaths

KMBC: The Kansas Department of Health and Environment said Wednesday the state has 1,494 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and there have been 76 deaths.

Oz1st: COVID-19 count in Missouri hits 4,895, DHSS confirms 147 deaths

KC Donation Day Debuts

One Mission. One Voice. ONE KC.

WE all have united for a one-day 'digital day of giving' - Thursday, April 16th - to raise money for the Kansas City Regional COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund.

Gift Of Life Still Needed

Local centers collecting plasma donations from recovered COVID-19 patients to help others

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Plasma donations might be a key in helping people recover from the coronavirus. On Monday, the FDA cleared the way for the treatment of people suffering from COVID-19 using plasma. Centers across the state are starting to collect from people who already caught the virus.

Veggies To Go Amid Pandemic

Parkville opening farmers market next weekend, but as drive-thru only

PARKVILLE, Mo. -- Overland Park is delaying the opening of its farmers market this year, and Lenexa is postponing the opening of its seasonal market indefinitely. Parkville, though, will open on schedule next weekend, but with some changes.

Show-Me Check Tracker

Missouri Auditor Galloway creating online portal so public can track COVID-19 stimulus money

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. ( - Federal funding is now flowing into the State of Missouri, but one state leader says she's going to keep a very watchful eye on how it's spent. Missouri Auditor Nicole Galloway says she is creating an online portal so anyone can go online to track how federal funding is being allocated in the state.

Conspiracy Theories Now Considered Via MSM News

US explores possibility that coronavirus started in Chinese lab, not a market

US intelligence and national security officials say the United States government is looking into the possibility that the novel coronavirus originated in a Chinese laboratory rather than a market, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter who caution it is premature to draw any conclusions.

COVID-19 Mutates

'Significant' coronavirus mutation discovered, could make vaccine search 'futile,' study says

Researchers have discovered what they described as a "significant" mutation of the novel coronavirus, which they believe "raises the alarm" that the search for a vaccine could become "futile" down the line. The study, published on the repository, notes researchers were able to analyze a sample of SARS-CoV-2 from India on January 27 and found a mutation that "leads to weaker receptor binding capability."

Money Warning: Coronavirus Could Kill Wallets

Top Wall Street Regulators Warn Against Coronavirus Investment Scams

The kind of financial schemes depicted in movies like The Wolf Of Wall Street and Boiler Room never went away, and Wall Street's top cops are warning investors that the coronavirus has only created new opportunities for that type of financial fraud.

New Data Denial Hotness

Climate Science Deniers Turn to Attacking Coronavirus Models

A vocal set of conservative critics have increased their attacks recently on the data modeling behind the novel coronavirus response, and they claim-despite scientific evidence to the contrary-that the flaws also prove the limits of climate change forecasts.

COVID-19 Starts Class War

How the Coronavirus Could Create a New Working Class

Experts predict the outbreak will lead to a rise in populism. But will workers turn their rage toward corporate CEOs, or middle-class "elites"?

Build The Wall To Fight Spread Of Coronavirus?!?!

Democrats Are Asking The Trump Administration To Stop Border Wall Construction

Nearly 100 Democrats in Congress are urging the Trump administration to halt construction on the U.S.-Mexico border wall during the coronavirus pandemic. Ninety-one Democrats in the House and Senate signed onto a letter addressed to key members of the Trump administration, requesting that "all border wall construction halt immediately."

COVID-19 Peaking Seyz Prez

Trump says virus has 'passed the peak' in US

President Donald Trump says the US has "passed the peak" of new Covid-19 cases and predicted some states would reopen this month. At the daily White House virus briefing, Mr Trump said new reopening guidelines would be announced on Thursday after he speaks to governors.

Americans Suffer From Threat Of Deadly Sniffles

Allergy medicines containing steroids may hamper the body's response to coronavirus, a virologist says

A virologist said there are concerns that taking allergy medication with steroids may prevent the body from fighting off the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2. After inhaling a droplet carrying the coronavirus, the virus enters the body, latches to a cell and begins to replicate itself until the body is flooded with viral particles.

Show-Me Price Check

Hundreds of Missourians complaining about price gouging on necessary items in grocery stores

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - Some items are hard to find, but sometimes you find what you are looking for and just can't believe the price. Joe Jackson is keeping an eye on prices in his community and he's reporting it. "I'm asking people to share pictures of receipts," Missouri resident Joe Jackson said.

More Cash Help Proposed

Americans would receive $2,000 stimulus check each month through COVID-19 crisis under proposed legislation

by: fox8webcentral and Nexstar Media Wire Posted: / Updated: OHIO- Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) and Ro Khanna (D-CA) introduced legislation Tuesday that would provide a $2,000 monthly payment to qualifying Americans until employment returns to pre-COVID-19 levels.

Rehab Outrage Redux

Son calls Riverbend's release of dying father 'totally irresponsible'

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - "Ridiculous, absurd and totally irresponsible" is how a Kansas City-area man characterized Riverbend Post-Acute Rehabilitation Center's decision to release his father from its facility two days before he died. The Kansas City, Kansas, rehab center has been one of the Kansas City area's worst hot spots for COVID-19.

More Missouri Harsh Times

Many self-employed Missourians out of work having trouble when filing for unemployment benefits

FLORISSANT, Mo. ( - A growing number of self-employed Missourians who lost their jobs due to COVID-19 are hitting roadblocks when filing for unemployment insurance. Melissa Dunlap, a hair stylist at Rock, Paper, Scissors Salon in Florissant said she's been out of a job for almost a month and keeps getting denied.

Police Report Kansas City Lockdown Beat Downs Persist

Shelters, police say domestic violence up in Kansas City since stay-at-home order took effect

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Synergy Services has three shelters and they're all running beyond capacity. "We're seeing for sure a 25 percent increase in our domestic violence calls, and then we're seeing an increase in calls for help across-the-board," said Jennifer Hurst, development director at Synergy Services.

Heartland Layoffs Cont’d

Unemployment continues to soar in Kansas, Missouri

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - New unemployment claims continue to skyrocket in Kansas and Missouri. Kansas spent more than $22.9 million last week alone on unemployment claims after ponying up more than $14.8 million the week before, according to data from the state's Department of Labor.


Lee's Summit woman's bank account stimulated with more than the correct zero's

LEE'S SUMMIT, MO (KCTV) - Many area residents have been checking their bank accounts just to see when their COVID-19 stimulus check will hit their account. For one Lee's Summit woman, she got her money a little bit earlier than she thought she would, and it was a lot more than she expected.

Mayor Q Considerations

Mayor Lucas: Decisions in Kansas, Missouri impact KC stay-at-home order

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly's decision to extend the statewide stay-at-home order through May 3 could play a factor in what happens on the other side of the state line.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Stay at home. Wash your hands.

And wash your ass!

O'hare said...

^^^ Take you're own advice there, buddy.

Anonymous said...

May 15, then June 15, then July 15th. Sheep Sheep Sheep

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

1003 is right, unless we are willing to make ourselves heard this won't end until November 6th.

Anonymous said...

I saw somewhere mentioned this will be ongoing until 2022

fuck, that sucks

Anonymous said...

the new comment systems sucks as much as the lockdown shit

My vote said...

^^^ Than please leave, bitch.

Raj said...

May 15th makes sense for now but that doesn't take into account all the variables or the impact of what could happen upon reopen. TKC linked the 2022 article yesterday, that seems like a stretch but the thought of people just gathering together in stadiums seems ridiculous and I'd trust the advice of doctors more than politicians or big business that's just worried about money.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ You don't think everybody has an angle they're playing? Must be nice to be so naive.

Feel free to keep debating from the safety of your home if you're lucky enough to have one.

Anonymous said...

Doctors tell us all the time we are doing this or that wrong. When did you start listening to them?

Anonymous said...

^^^ +100

Retro ROCKER said...

This virus will be like the flu every winter You can't stop this from mutating. Are you going to shut down business every year .and yes the problem is People get off a plane and infect your community. Or People come from Illinois and start a ippademic. That is what happened in St Louis OR millions of New Yorkers,Decide to leave and bring this to the Midwest. You have to open business. Or communities Like Overland Park and Lee's Summit will be in Forclosers Car Repo You can't do business with someone who don't Have any money. .and the top twenty percent that was stashing money for decades will come in and buy Real a state for thirty cents on the dollar .and repo,cars And the flipping starts all over again.

Retro ROCKER said...

Epidemic is an excuse for martial law THE NEW AMERICA. The Globalist And World Order did an end around on the U.S.Constitution. The small business fail The Large Corporations GET the bailout And continue to Extract peoples wealth. T

Byron Funkhouser said...

What a crock of shit.

There are no "globalists" & there is no "New World Order" being planned by anyone.

This is a PANdemic. Stop being parochial & paranoid. We don't know what will happen this summer, fall or next winter, so stop guessing.

I don't know what fringe web site your buying into, but for the sake of your mental health, you should leave it.

Byron Funkhouser said...

I didn't make that last statement as you all know I'm completely too stupid to string that many words together.

Anonymous said...

Drink another beer drunk! Your car was up for repo before the virus, and tow truck drivers are apparently considered a "essential business" so park your buy here pay her peice of shit in the garage you dont have and shut the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

You say "Epidemic"...according to the planet this is a PANDEMIC, I bet you are so stupid you dont know the difference! So how about you shut the fuck up until you can bring something to the table that involves facts and not just your emotiotions gay BOI.

Anonymous said...

Too bad your story sucks worse that what you think TKC does. Also your facts are not all correct either but I'm sure you're drunk so go figure.

Anonymous said...

I suggest some of you talk to a doctor or nurse or CNA if you have a chance. They will tell you that its a very horrible virus. About 30X worse in symptoms than the usual bad flu. You will feel like your dying for 15 days. And it leaves you with damaged lungs and diminished lungs for life. Look at the charts, most people hospitalized are about 45 to 60 in age. While I dont think its a humanly engineered warfare agent, its doing the same thing as a biological bomb dropped on Kansas City. The govt has to downplay it to prevent outright panic and lawlessness. But some of you reading this will die from it in the next 6 months. Its a real killer, 2 people a minute are dying in NYC. If it was a sniper team there in NYC - shooting 2 people a minute people would be so very terrified. But they think a virus is less lethal -wrong!

Anonymous said...

WHO is who has fucked us all. World leaders looked to them as to what to do and they failed us. I agree with Trump fuck them and fuck giving them anymore money as they failed not only the US but the whole world.

Anonymous said...

The WHO has been going downhill fast for a long time. We cant rely on them anymore. The USA needs to rely on itself, make drugs within our borders and not rely on goods from other countries.

Anonymous said...

What a sorry state this country has come to where ppl happily give up their rights and freedoms, parrot what the tv tells them all because of a scary pandemic that is serious or kills less than 1% of infected and those are mostly the very old and already sick.

There are other options, let those that are high risk quarantine.

Anonymous said...

The flu is more lethal, should have used that analogy instead of a sniper.

A lot of doctors would describe a serious flu case the same as above.

Fucking fearmongerer.

Anonymous said...

No globalists...useful idiot. You know what else are pandemics, the common cold and flu.

RR is right, after the banks foreclose on your house and you hopefully get a sec 8 apmt or 6c6 square at the shelter and food stamps the only place to go, when they let you out, will the surviving big corp.s.

Anonymous said...

Just go along with it then if you heard it somewhere.

See you in 2023, maybe.

Anonymous said...

Dipshit you can open alot of businesses that don't require ppl amassing in stadiums.

It doesn't have to be all or nothing.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone even has symptoms. No one feels symptoms the same. Many are not severe. Maybe you should talk to your dr friends and learn you missed the basics of any conversation and use of common sense.

Anonymous said...

You ll want to fuck that bitch the next time you are in a sports bar. Weird

Anonymous said...

^^ He should have included "don't butt fuck" for your ass.

Anonymous said...

The only real NEWS of the day is Chris CHomo 's wife has Covid-19. I thought he would have a husband. Shows you a woman will marry anything for money , And a Mr know it all doesn't follow the shit he spreads, but spreads it well. You know it's bad when his brother states he was careless and unthinking. Enjoy the rewards for Idiot American leaders.

Byron Funkhouser said...

The Who warned us early & often, & Der Fuhrer praised them for it, but he needed a scapegoat.

He lies. Everyday, all day.

Byron Funkhouser said...

I didn't make the comment at 2:03. The liar who made that comment didn't have anything to say.

My point is how can it be a conspiracy against Americans when it's world wide?

Byron Funkhouser said...

We are not giving up our rights & freedoms.

You are the fearmongers.

Byron Funkhouser said...

The countries that are doing well with this are all lead by women. The countries that are struggling are all led by science denying men.

Most of the commenters on this blog are science denying men, so it's like talking to little children.

Anonymous said...

Really dipshit. Can you gather in a group, do you have freedom of movement, can you open a business today, can you go hangout at your favorite place.

Places in the us are worse, parks closed, beaches closed the ocean closed.

Use your rights or lose them.

Biggest fakest plague ever is being used as a political weapon

Anonymous said...

The countries that did basically nothing..sweden, scotland iceland mexico are no worse off, but will actually be better off in the long run.

Face even if the us had done virtually nothing we would be right where we are now except the economy would still be booming and everyone would have jobs to pay their bills and live without having to beg for government handouts, but since you are on the dole I would not expect you to understand.

Anonymous said...

PS if you can monitor this site and post all the time why are you even on welfare?

Anonymous said...

True True True

Anonymous said...

I mean, would anyone not looking to sow discontent, fear and panic post about a burial pit in Swope Park?

Anonymous said...

baaaa, baaam goverment tell me what to do, baaa

Anonymous said...

Dumbfuck @ 2:09. What's wrong with Retro's statement that it'll be like the flu? Nothing. In fact as Covid deaths are artificially inflated (all deaths count towards covid regardless of actual cause) the other causes of deaths have fallen below yearly average, especially flu. Now, the CDC rather than giving an actual flu death count which would readily demonstrate the corresponding drop inverse to the Covid rise, they're now giving a range (20k - 61k <- strange top number matches current covid estimates). Make no mistake, when this mass hypnotic hysteria is over, and the gov has to publish actual death counts: THERE WILL BE NO DIFFERENCE IN NET DEATHS WITH COVID THAN YEARS PREVIOUS.

Anonymous said...

Byron knows lies. His life is one.

Anonymous said...

Who stands to gain from crashing the US economy, that’s right Einstein the globalists. Oh and who are the globalists Einstein, correct again the lousy worthless democrats. The leftist have worked in concert with China for years aka. Biden and friends. Correct again in order for them to receive cash from China they first must demonstrate that they are American traitors. And of coarse in the middle of all of this is China they got it broke off in their asses with tariffs next thing you see they unleash germ warfare on America with thousands of suicide bombers carrying the virus to our shores. So don’t believe a word they say if a communist’s mouth is moving they’re lying just like the communists democrat infiltrators in our government

Anonymous said...

Because he is one of the reasons this country is fucked up. Scammers like Byron get away with screwing the system but have the balls to point a finger at everyone else labeling them as Nazi's and people against poor people so on and so on.
Byron is the one who needs to be in jail not our POTUS.

Anonymous said...

You might have not made the comment but you are indeed stupid so a major part of it is very correct.

Anonymous said...

"The WHO warned us early & often...." That is a lie. The WHO spent a crucial month parroting its (and your) ideological bedfellow the CCP, until it became too obvious that it was participating in a cover-up. Another international institution that spends money like water and does a poor job.

Epidemic vs. pandemic: there is no difference between the two on a regional, local or individual basis. Pandemic is just an epidemic that is global in scope and is not well controlled. It has nothing to do with lethality.

Anonymous said...

If so there go all the Dollar Stores....

Anonymous said...

I've been for over 30 years and still am a registered democrat and everything this guy says is true. The democrats are traitors and saboteurs.

Pelosi is sitting in her mansion doing cupcake interviews saying the House will not convene for weeks because there is no emergency

Anonymous said...

The WHO declared the virus a global emergency on January 30th.

Donald Trump waited and finally declared the virus a national emergency on March 13th.

Between January and March, Trump gave multiple interviews and sent tweets congratulating China on their transparency, hard work, success, and giving them "much respect".

It's crystal clear who was slow, wrong and is now covering up.

Anonymous said...

Cutting off aid to the WHO during a global pandemic is cutting off your nose to spite your face. It's incredibly stupid, shortsighted, and dangerous.

Even using Trump's justification, that the WHO is too China-centric, what does removing US funding do? It makes China the largest nation funding the organization. So Trump is actually making the problem he described even worse, proving again he is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

From a news report about the WHO's January 30 declaration: "In making the announcement, WHO leaders urged countries not to restrict travel or trade to China, even as some have shut down borders and limited visas."

Also: "The PHEIC gave Tedros the authority to formally recommend that countries not limit travel and trade to China, though other nations do not have to comply."

And: " But WHO officials have repeatedly lauded the country’s response. On Thursday, Tedros said that were it not for China’s efforts, 'we would have seen many more cases outside China by now.'"

Nice job, WHO! Thanks for the warnings you China suckup!

Anonymous said...

That makes sense.

Trump didn't shut down ban travel or trade to and from China.

What happened to America first? Trump has been the biggest China cheerleader since the pandemic started. Trump even stopped calling it the Wuhan Chinese virus. It's easy to blame the WHO for that direction, but not factual.

Trump keeps saying he's getting his info directly from his good friend President Xi. Thank you! Much Respect!