Thursday, April 16, 2020


Reminiscent of the old school WPA programs that helped keep so many great grandpas from becoming hobos . . . Here's a peek at social distancing survival plan from 12th & Oan and hopefully a realization from our readers that there's dignity in every form of labor . . . Read more:

Out-Of-Work Bartenders And Baristas Make $15 An Hour To Clean Kansas City Park During Pandemic

The idea started with Dr. Andrew Park, an emergency room physician at University of Kansas Hospital in Kansas City, Kansas. Also a former owner of Nomads, a bar and coffee shop on 39th Street, Park said he'd been thinking a lot about the many bartenders, baristas and wait staff who have been out of work for weeks now amid the coronavirus pandemic.


Diddling Don said...

Excellent! Get out there, Deplorables! Stop whining and put your big boy pants on. Step away from your Russian First Bonespur Division keyboard warrior assignment and quite being a unemployment government leech.

By the way, did you send back your coronavirus stimulus payment to avoid being a Socialist? Doubt it. Hypocrite deplorable.

Talk Radio Dude said...

Starting wage right now at Target is $16.00

Anonymous said...

In California, not Kansas City. You bullshit bot.

Byron Funkhouser said...


Did the farmers reject socialism & refuse their bailout money?

Anonymous said...

GEEZ, that means they actually have to report their income and not fuck the IRS and fuck our law abiding citizens that need help . Like they did when they made $300 and 500 nightly in unreported tips. Am I right ? yep.. If you have ever known a bartender, you have known a Lowlife POS that cheats the IRS. Last people I would feel sorry for.

Anonymous said...

Big ball Byron , does that mean you can produce you own goods and services ? or does this mean you are willing to pay the price of goods and services without subsidization ? neither of which you are wiling to do or can do. With all your important insight to all aspects of life, you should openly run for office and prove your superior 50 posts a day knowledge.