Tuesday, April 07, 2020


The pandemic continues and tonight we share this COMPREHENSIVE roundup of some of the most important HYPERLOCAL CORONAVIRUS NEWS along with some of teh more important national news out there tonight . . .

First here's where the numbers stand at the end of the day:

Fox4: As of Tuesday afternoon, the Kansas City, Missouri Health Department is reporting 234 positive coronavirus COVID-19 cases and seven deaths.

KMBC: The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services said Tuesday the Show-Me State has reached 3,037 cases of COVID-19 and 53 deaths have been reported.

KWCH: Cases of coronavirus in Kansas up to 900, 27 deaths

Again, after the jump, here are the headlines and stories that stood out today . . .

EPIC Jackson County Courthouse Haul Revealed

First responders in Kansas City, Jackson County to get 100,000 masks

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Local first responders will get the masks they need in their efforts to help in the COVID-19 battle. The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #99 in Kansas City, Missouri, said in a statement Tuesday that they knew local first responders were not getting the protective gear they needed.

KCPD Protection

Kansas City FOP secures 150,000 masks for Missouri first responders

The Kansas City Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #99 has secured 150,000 masks to help first responders in the metro area and throughout Missouri that are on the front lines of the COVID-19 outbreak.According to a news release from the FOP, it located 150,000 masks and is working with Jackson County, the Kansas City Fire Department and the Kansas City Police Department funding was secured."With the help of Lt.

Local Advocacy For Coronavirus Life Saving Access

Disability rights advocates concerned with potential ventilator-shortage protocols

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Disability rights advocates are worried about the way ventilators will be distributed if there is a shortage during the COVID-19 crisis. Tessa Goupil, 49, has muscular dystrophy and depends on a ventilator. "I can't breathe on my own at all," Goupil told 41 Action News on Monday.

Historic KC Challenge Starts

Updating FAQ: How Metro Kansas City Is Responding To Coronavirus

Para leer este artículo en Español, haga clic aquí. KCUR is working around the clock to keep you as informed as possible about the latest COVID-19 news in the Kansas City metro. We are posting frequent updates on our live blog and seeking the most up-to-the-minute information from experts.

Gracious Lunch Life Lesson

Teachers, staff from University Academy fill the void for missed KCPS meals

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - For the last week, teachers and staff from University Academy in Kansas City have been handing out free lunches. "We just open up our doors and then anybody that needs a meal, come on over," Title 1 Teacher at University Academy Bethany Brown said.

Tragic KCK Exposure

Deadly COVID-19 Cluster at Kansas City, Kansas, Facility Was 'Confluence Of Bad Circumstances'

A cluster of 37 COVID-19 cases that caused four deaths at a Kansas City, Kansas, rehabilitation facility was brought on by "a confluence of bad circumstances," Wyandotte County's chief medical officer said Tuesday.

More Face Mask Double Talk From Public Health Officials

Face masks cannot stop healthy people getting Covid-19, says WHO

The World Health Organization has held off from recommending people wear face masks in public after assessing fresh evidence that suggested the items may help to contain the pandemic. The WHO reviewed its position on masks in light of data from Hong Kong indicating that their widespread use in the community may have reduced the spread of coronavirus in some regions.

Prez Trump Pushes Back Against W.H.O. Pronouncements

Trump says US may put a 'very powerful hold' on funding to World Health Organization

President Trump signaled Tuesday he may put a "very powerful hold" on funding to the World Health Organization as he lashed out at the United Nations specialized agency and accused it of "being very China-centric" amid the coronavirus pandemic.

China Recovers From Coroanvirus?!?!?

China lifts lockdown on Wuhan as city reemerges from coronavirus crisis

China has ended its lockdown of Wuhan, the original epicenter of the coronavirus crisis, as the city reemerges from a deadly outbreak that is now raging across the globe.

Meet New Press Secretary

New White House Press Secretary Said a Month Ago That the Coronavirus Would Never Spread to the U.S.

, TV talking head–turned–Trump 2020 spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany, is taking on a job whose ostensible current purpose is informing the public about the government’s response to a pandemic, despite having claimed a little over a month ago that a pandemic could never and would never take place while Donald Trump was president...

Show-Me Tough Political Comeback Amid Pandemic

Missouri lawmakers return to Capitol for virus funding bill

COLUMBIA, MO (AP) -- Missouri lawmakers are taking extraordinary steps to return to the usually crowded state Capitol on Tuesday to pass an emergency coronavirus funding bill. The Capitol has been closed to everyone except essential staff since March 24. But lawmaker approval is needed for Gov.

Newspaper Blames Church For Outbreak In Kansas

Coronavirus death connected to Kansas City, Kansas church conference in March

At least one coronavirus-related death of a resident from southeast Kansas has been found to be connected to a Kansas City, Kansas, church conference where more than a dozen people have since contracted the virus, according to the state department of health.

Social Justice Advocates Demand Resignation

Group wants Riley County official gone over coronavirus remarks

An activist group is pushing for the resignation of Riley County Commissioner Marvin Rodriquez over comments he made related to coronavirus and Chinese people. The Manhattan Alliance for Peace and Justice said Monday that Rodriquez should resign for saying at a March meeting that Manhattan, Kansas, wasn't at high risk for the coronavirus because it doesn't have many Chinese residents.

Show-Me Powerful Gesture

Deadline extended for help with utility bills in Missouri

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Although nearly all of the region's utilities have imposed a moratorium on cutting off service during the coronavirus pandemic, for many struggling families, the bill will soon come due.

Rush To Manufacture KC Masks

Public Demand For Masks Spurs Production In Kansas City

Some local businesses that recently began producing facemasks for hospitals and other large-volume customers are now beginning to sell masks to the general public. In a reversal from its previous position, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this week advised people to wear a cloth or fabric mask while in public.

Golden Ghetto Pay Bump Proposed Amid Pandemic

Overland Park council members propose hazard pay for first responders

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - There's a new proposal from three Overland Park City Council members to give that city's first responders hazard pay during the community-wide pandemic shutdown. Council members Scott Hamblin, Gina Burke and Doctor Faris Farassati are proposing an extra $500 a month for each first responder retroactive to March 15.

KC MDs & RNs Help NYC

Local doctors head to New York to help fight COVID-19

LENEXA, KS (KCTV) - KCTV5 News talked with several doctors that are heading to New York Wednesday morning. They say they have been closely monitoring news reports and doctor chat groups about the situation in New York, but say they're going because they're so desperately needed.

Kansas City Supports The Troops During Pandemic

Veterans Community Project volunteers busy amid COVID-19 pandemic

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Volunteers with the Veterans Community Project have been busy to help the veteran population during the coronavirus pandemic. Many veterans who live in the community offered to take part. So many, in fact, that organizers had to turn some of them away.

Lenexa COVID-19 Life Lesson

'It doesn't discriminate': Once healthy, Lenexa man has been battling COVID-19 for weeks now

LENEXA, Kan. -- A Lenexa man is still fighting his way back after being diagnosed with the coronavirus three weeks ago. The good news is he's slowly recovering, but his family says what happened is proof COVID-19 can affect anyone. Eric Goodman is just 43 years old and a married father of two.

Cowtown Shares Kindness With Hobos Amid Coronavirus

Heart to Heart International, Hope Faith Ministries provide medical care to those who are homeless

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Heart to Heart International and Hope Faith Homeless Assistance have partnered to offer medical care for people experiencing homelessness. Each Monday, Thursday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., doctors and nurses will provide primary care assistance, wound care and prescription refills.

Pandemic Retail Redux

Indian Springs Mall turned into drive-thru pickup location for Harvesters

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) - Tuesday the vacant lot of Indian Springs Mall turned into a drive-thru pickup location for Harvesters to give food to families of Schlagle and Washington High School students. As families slowly inched their way closer to the front of the line, Kansas City, Kansas, police officers worked quickly to fill cars with fresh food.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Can only hope that some of these numbers show us that coronavirus isn't some conspiracy but a very real public health threat that has the potential to harm everybody from JoCo to the 3rd District.

Ren said...

^^^ that's a nice sentiment but obviously you didn't read all of the links or don't really comprehend what's happening.

Of course the situation is serious but it's now just another political debate where neither side will give up anything and has very little compassion for anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Serious yes, a lot of deaths n illness. Reality has gone from 2.5 million to less than 100k with ave age of over 80 and most with other health problems.

A lot of ppl would like to get back to work rather than go further in debt or even lose their homes now that it is clear not as deadly as first thought and effective treatments are available.

It seems unreasonable to continue widespread quarantines of ppl at low risk while putting businesses under and destroying the economy.

Some believe the Dems and MSM have politicized the virus by trying to make things as bad as possible to get trump out of office, especially since the dems and MSM having been doing everything in their power to just that the past 3 years....

Retro ROCKER said...

This is the new America People will be afraid to go to a BALLPARK. THE Convention,Business Hotels. The States Like New York where people are living on top of each other. Will dictate what Missouri and Kansas will do. We have very few compared to New York and Louisiana. But we may be Living six feet from each other for decades .This will return every winter and 2021 may be worse with the high unemployment. There will be many millionaires mad during this depression .Many new companies have started the past two months. And maby I will see you at the Beach .Just keep your distance .

Anonymous said...

They did not shut the country down in 1918. People would have been died because of the flu so we are just changing the cause of death.

Diddling Don said...

There are good people on both sides: intelligent, sane, free-thinking Americans vs. deplorable racist inbreds never loved by mommy or pappy. 15M now unemployed. 12k dead Americans. Complete economy meltdown. The worst is yet to come, too. Thanks, Trump. You’ve failed yet again. The bright ones knew you couldn’t do it yet the Republican sheep still fawn over Dear Leader. Winning!

Anonymous said...

Dow futures up 300 points!

We're back baby!

America is once again open for business!

Anonymous said...

Open businesses up with workers having masks and gloves.

Anonymous said...

So Wall Street is a substitute for Main Street again?

I guess that's what really important for the billionaire "populist" and his cult.

Way to remember the forgotten man.

BTW, it's Trump's inaction that has made this as bad as it is. Dems and the media repeatedly warned him going back to January and he ignored them and said it was a hoax.

Anonymous said...

Trump admitted he did not read or get the memos on the building pandemic in January.

It's refreshing that he said something believable for a change.

Anonymous said...

Most old people do have some existing health issue that they're coping with, so how does that make it ok to kill them with CV19? If you want stuff why not just shoot your grandmother and take hers? It would be less painful.

Anonymous said...

SHUT up moron, far more people are dying of corona than of flu.

Anonymous said...

^^^And yet they are not. Weird.

Anonymous said...

1:38 you are a lying fool.

Anonymous said...

1:21 back in Jan the dems were busy with impeachment. They weren't warning anyone. And when Trump tried to cut off flights from China, they called him a racist. You lying fool.

Anonymous said...

^^^ And yet, Trump DID finally cut off flights from China - except that since he did, more than 40,000 people have flown directly from China to US Airports and went on to their destinations with no "screenings"!

I'm afraid the "cutoffs" were just another part of the alt-Right Mythology spread by the Trumpbots like Limbaugh and Carlson, sort of like the "miracle cure" Aquarium Cleaner that Trump has a financial stake in.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes. We know. It's almost snack time, dear, where you'll get fresh meds.

Anonymous said...

5:30. To true moron, they went straight to medical facilities for quarantine or spent 14 days at home, if only you would get your information from somebody other than the fake news networks, god damn you people are stupid mutha fucka’s.

Anonymous said...

^^^ and yet they didn't. How would you know if that many people went straight to medical facilities or spent 14 days at home? Weird.

Anonymous said...

The four cities and parts of their surrounding counties, kc, St. Louis, Springfield and Columbia account for 2441 cases of the total number of state cases combined of 3037....

Shitty Louis has the most at over half the total cases for Missouri.

596 cases of the Chinese red death outside of the four dimwit run cities....... OUCH!

Anonymous said...

6:52 Jesus Christ you’re a dumb fuck aren’t you?

Anonymous said...

6:52, and yet not as dumb as you! Weird.

Anonymous said...

6:58 really thinks he knows if all those people went home and stayed there for 14 days. Hahahahahahahaha!!!! Sucker!

Anonymous said...

7:00 really, that’s all you got? Grow up child and remember, the adults are talking and you shall remain quiet and respectful at all times or you get your arse whipped.... again..

Anonymous said...

Face it...we don't know what the true figures are. The gubmint be lyin.

Anonymous said...

If we get hit hard investage the victims ties to recent visits to Home Depot, or Lowes. Look down was a joke until 3 or 4 days ago.

Anonymous said...

7:03 and you know for a fact that they didn’t? Did you hear that from your parents? Did you hear it on those fake news networks? Oh, I know, your idols anderson pooper and Rachel madcow said it so it must be true huh, what was I thinking with reliable and respectable news sources like those....

Anonymous said...

7:06 yup, you’re probably right, kc and shitty Louis probably have ten times more cases then they’re admitting too!

Anonymous said...

7:04. What a clever remark. Did you think that up yourself? But it's probably a mistake to talk about whipping children's asses. You don't want people to know you are a child molester.

Anonymous said...

7:08 and you know for a fact they did? Prove it.

Anonymous said...

The numbers are a Hoax. This is the third Coup Attempt.

Anonymous said...

Only 16 deaths reported in the whole United States for April 7th.

Time to Quarantine Democrat Party controlled, rat infested New York and New Jersey and reopen the other 48 states for business.

USA Today reported New York and California auctioned off their stockpiled ventilators and masks.

Republican Governors created the stockpiles for a future pandemic and subsequently Democrats Cuomo and Deblasio auctioned them off for funds to hire consultants.

Lying Democrats should be tossed in jail for treason during a national health crisis.

Anonymous said...

Hey! People are dying!!! Let's be morons and argue politics!!!

Anonymous said...

722 is woke to what's going on.

Why are they pushing us to stay inside until a vaccine is ready in wait for it 18 to 24 months. Then who knows how effective it will be...the flu vaccine they have been doing for decades is still only 50% effective at best. Dr Fauci is deep state, been working for the cdc and kissing politician and big pharma ass for 35 years and fucked this up or did he...he sure likes mr vaccine himself Bill gates alot, bet he has a 6 figure plus book deal coming too - if you don't know book deals and "speeches" have replaced suitcases of cash and are the modern "legal" bribe.

Watch the dems are already putting out feelers for mail in elections where they have an apparatus in place for vote harvesting.

The dems are using this as just another coup attempt they are like rabid dogs and will sacrifice our rights to get rid of the outsider trump - they cannot allow a private citizen to just walk in and usurp their gravy train.

Sorry folks but it's time to wake the fuck up.

Byron Funkhouser said...

^^Get a grip, retard.

You're becoming hysterical.

Anonymous said...

Lord help us. This thread is full of random weirdo, Q conspiracy theorists. Please, I implore your fucking morons, put your real name and attach a link to a photo so if I happen to cross paths with you I know to turn around and walk the other way. What happens in someone's life to make this fucking clueless and weird. Where did it go wrong? Divorce? Lost Job? Just a tendency to grasp onto bullshit to make yourself seem important and knowledgeable?

This is not a Democratic hoax being used to hijack the government. This is major FUCK UP by the guy who wears make up and believes you can nuke hurricanes and should just try pills to cure yourself form coronavirus. He had months to prep for this pandemic, was warned repeatedly about it and did absolutely nothing except downplay it. It's memorialized from his own Twitter account forever.

But yeah, carry on with your bullshit. Fucking weirdos.

Anonymous said...

Can't dispute a single thing about this overblown response being perpetrated by the dems and msm.

Are the dems not pushing for mail in voting.

Are the dems n msm not rabidly pushing a vaccine while demonizing an effective treatment.

Are not death ave age over 80 and most with prextg conditions. I noticed that the young healthy Eric victim from yesterday that was touted as evidence that the virus kills young healthy ppl too did not actually die and is recovering.

Were the dems not resisting any early measures calling them racist and xenophobic and imploring ppl in Cali and NY to carry on as usual and go to china town and Chinese new year celebrations after trump did the chinese travel ban.

Has not all the models been wildly off predicting doom n gloom whereas reality the numbers of infections and deaths have only been a fraction of any models and continue to drop significantly to now just about 60K usa deaths from jan to Aug - we've had far worse flu seasons.

Has not sweden ( a usual liberal go-to) done relatively well after having done virtually nothing.

MDSF said...

......The Republifuck Party........
......The "WHO CARES" Party........every time they hear the death total
for a day, they say......WHO CARES!.....when all the fucking jesus freaks
start dying from their stinkin' "easter gatherings".....we say..........
FUCKING WHO CARES!.......we'll pile you on the heap, and soak ya down
with white gas and watch your ashes float to "heaven"........

Anonymous said...

8:52 how do you know how well Sweden is doing? You haven't been there.

Anonymous said...

8:35 put a name ad a photo up? So you can come up behind me and stick a shiv in my back?

Anonymous said...

9:48 ... and KANSAS CITY ATHEIST COALITION Christian haters show up. Yes, we know who you are.

Anonymous said...

New York Socialism that the Democrat Party espouses is not doing so well. New York Democrat Mayor and Governor auctioned off their ventilators and masks before the Pandemic. Thats criminal.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line virus has got the whole world's attention.

God is bigger than virus..

Fauci and brix only believe science..

Atheist running too many things media, cdc, world health organization, why..

Also appears major virus only breaks out during election years..

Vaccines.. no.. this will usher in one world order. Vaccines will take out people and not heal them..

Hydrochloride working but why doesn't fauci and brix want this..

Not in their plan... fauci should have been gone years ago.. these two are up to the demise of America.. this is a spiritual battle of good and evil.

Wanting to vaccinate millions evil.

It takes years to develop drugs. Yet in a week they have a test for testing for antibody test.

Wake up we have lived with virus since Moses time.

Wise people will not be deceived.

Cumou isn't working for good but the devil.. look at his history with Catholic church.

Fauci never came forth about other flu virus until now.

More to this scam. Fear and unbelievers falling into line same folks raided shelves of toilet paper.

Tracking everyone.. this could be the way to control millions of folks and deny rights of millions of Americans.

Next where are the numbers of normal deaths that occurred from heart attacks, seizures, accidents?

Their being counted as virus deaths. Why

To justify the nationwide testing and vaccines.

Don't be deceived friends..

Wether you believe in God or not.. but you should with all that's going on.. wake up and don't be deceived.