Monday, April 20, 2020

Kansas City Coronavirus Deaths Flatline For Five Days As Heartland Infections Still Rise

Tonight's COVID-19 roundup via local news and health department websites . . .

Interesting trend we notice that's likely attributed mostly to the STAY AT HOME ORDER and bravery of front line workers across the metro -- Kansas City, Missouri hasn't suffered a coronavirus death since April 15th according to official stats.

Check the local and national links amid continued debate:

Kansas City Health Department: As of April 20, KCMO has recorded 423 positive COVID-19 cases and 12 deaths

KAKE: Coronavirus in Kansas -- 1,986 confirmed cases, 137 new cases and 100 deaths

KMBC: The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services said Monday the Show-Me State has reached 5,807 cases of COVID-19, 140 new cases and 177 deaths have been reported.

Biz Insider: The head of WHO warns that 'the worst' of the coronavirus pandemic is 'ahead of us'

Fox News: Prez Trump to 'suspend immigration into the United States' by executive order amid coronavirus

CNN: Some Southern states are reopening businesses; US death toll passes 42,000

CNBC: Senate moves toward possible Tuesday coronavirus vote, Pelosi sees deal ‘on principles’

New York Post: Can the coronavirus be spread through farts?

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Anonymous said...

May 15th seems reasonable but it won't work if Kansas and Missouri open early.

Sbt said...




Anonymous said...

looks like Trump is learning how to play the game. he's so slow on the update that it puts his entire administration at risk but finally I think we'll see some real debate about where this thing is going and how the states are going to deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Open up and watch the curve unflatten, fools. Dont say you weren't warned.

Anonymous said...

How many days has KC been at 12 deaths? Reopen KC.

Anonymous said...


KCMO reports 423 cases, with 12 deaths, for a Mortality Rate of 2.84%

MISSOURI reports 5807 cases, with 177 deaths, for a Mortality Rate of 3.05%

KANSAS reports 1986 cases, with 100 deaths, for a Mortality Rate of 5.04%

Once again, KCMO and the State of Missouri are nicely correlated and consistent.

Kansas is, as always, skewed way outside statistical norms and is waving a big red flag for epidemiologists, biostatisticians, or anyone else familiar with mathematical concepts. Why does Kansas continue to fudge/fake their reported numbers? Is Governor Kelly hoping to get a bigger federal reimbursement check?

Check in with the CDC website for the latest data.

Anonymous said...

You creep at @11:12. The only reason the number are low is because of the stay at home orders. Changing things now is like letting a dangerous animal out of a cage.

Please try and comprehend some basics facts before you starts spouting off.

Stay the course and stay home KC said...

I'm all in favor of people protesting as long as they're saying 6 feet apart and wearing some kind of mask.

What's happening at these protests is STUPID. Really wish people would just follow the rules and not make up their own as they go along. Staying home until May 15th will be tough on many but it's for the best for us all. Really hope that KC can rise to the occasion here.

Anonymous said...

I believe their numbers could be higher due to the large number of cases at Riverbend Post Acute Care Center and the Lansing Correctional Facility.

Also, something seems to be going on in Ford County. 180 cases there.

Anonymous said...

If infections are rising, it means there will be more deaths. And reopening will me more infections. The virus is not gone, it is still among us. And you may not even know you have it.

Anonymous said...

The protests are lame. A good excuse to keep staying inside, to avoid the rubes.

Anonymous said...

WoW !! It's like you are almost an internet Dr. Phil or Medical Dr. How do I send you $19.99 for all this insight and great wisdom? Please post more , I fear your town crier method might not work.

Anonymous said...

Creeps don't get basic shit. Hence the term Creeps.

Anonymous said...

Wait a second - infections rise but you don't even know you have it...does not mean more will die, especially when the vast majority of cases are so mild you don't even know you have it and if it is worse there are effective treatments.

Anonymous said...

You are an idiot first, fearmonger second. The infection rate is that of the need to count all of the infections, including the 85% of infections that are so mild no one seeks any medical attention because they do not even know they have it.

This is the weakest fakest media plague ever.

Anonymous said...

1127 - you could not be any more wrong. Everyone is out there any more place more crowded shopping than the grocery store?

Sweden has done nothing and has no more infections than places with lockdowns.

Quarantine the elderly and sick, everyone else should go about their lives.

Anonymous said...

8:24, speaking of IDIOTS!
Exactly how do you count "the 85% of infections that are so mild no one seeks any medical attention because they do not even know they have it."
Thanks for the laugh, 8:24 IDIOT, that was pure STUPIDITY.
I'm simply using the very data that KC, MO, and KS are publicly reporting.
Now Stupid, please go back to your calculations determining how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, hold up with your reasoned, logical post. This is TKC man!