Thursday, April 23, 2020

Kansas City Cold Case: Not Justice For Downtown Worker Killed By Gunman

Follow-up on a horrific local homicide wherein a gunman asked for some smokes, was rejected and then fired a gun toward a construction site killing a young man with a new wife and family . . . Read more:

$27,500 reward available for clues in murder of Spire sub-contractor killed 2 years ago in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Two years after the murder of a construction worker on the job in Kansas City investigators are still looking for clues into who killed him. There is now a $27,500 reward available for information in the murder of 23-year-old Johnathon Porter.


Anonymous said...

A man with dark complexion using the term y'all. Why don't they just say black man.

Anonymous said...

or " Could be my son "- Obummer

Anonymous said...

This black-on-white hate crime along with Jeffrey McDonald and Harry Stone should be the highest priority of KCPD. All resources should be thrown at them and no other murders investigated until these are solved. If the cops have to beat the truth out of some hoodrats so bad it.

Springheel said...

Read the Old Testament about how the Lord and those who believe in him feel about cultures that protect those that commit great acts of wickedness. Let's not kid ourselves, the people that live with or around this animal know damn good and well who he us. The biggest regret of today's world is that, unlike the Jews of the old testament, there is no consensus group of outraged men of principle that will hold the community responsible. This killer is probably using his street cred to further his low brow gangster status, further driving his community down the toilet.