Kansas City Chiefs Played Money Ball Amid Super Bowl Championship Season

Salary analysis and probably a reason that a repeat will be harder IF the season ever starts . . . Read more:

Arrowheadlines: The Chiefs had the cheapest roster in 2019

Low budget champs: Super Bowl 2020 winning Kansas City Chiefs among thrifty titleholders | USA Today 2. 2019 Kansas City Chiefs * Payroll: $167.0 million * Payroll rank: 32 out of 32 teams The Kansas City Chiefs won their first Super Bowl in 50 years thanks to their core group of young stars.


  1. Not anymore will they be keeping these guys at the same pay level they were at sorry ain't happening.

    There will be no return trips for the Chumps and Mahomes will take a huge dump on KC and leave for a fat juicy contract elsewhere where he will show his true one and done colors.

  2. Byron Funkhouser4/6/20, 1:33 PM

    The mass murder in Las Vegas didn't teach us what this crisis may finally teach us; it's not intelligent for nearly 100.000 people to gather in one place.

    Will the market still support paying players millions of dollars, & even if it can, should we allow it?

    It's insulting.


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