Friday, April 17, 2020

Kansas City Chiefs Make $200-Million Priority For QB Patrick Mahomes

Football fun fact whilst most locals are wondering if they'll be able to pay rent this month . . . Read more:

Chiefs GM Brett Veach: "Pat (Mahomes) isn't going anywhere"

Ever since Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was named the NFL's Most Valuable Player after his first season as the team's starter, the question has been at the back of everyone's mind: When would the team get their quarterback locked into a long-term deal?


Anonymous said...

No one is going to a football game soon. They say the money is from elsewhere, but then why do you need a stadium and the massive parking lot... Football is dead the $200 million is wasted on the person better suited to grocery store commercials.

Anonymous said...

We will see the rubber meeting the road with Major League sports and COVID.
Empty stadiums. Season ticket holders for baseball getting zip for their money.
Possibly the same with football.
Fan discontent with teams playing each other with no cheering/booing and general screaming.
This will be an interesting year.