Monday, April 27, 2020

Kansas City Chiefs Draft Report Card: B-

Fanboys, understandably, can't stop their effusive praise but overall this crop of players look less than average . . . Take a look at the most objective roundup we could find:

KC Chiefs News: 2020 NFL Draft class provides versatile players

The 2020 NFL Draft is the talk of the town and why wouldn't it be? The sports world has gone silent in the last month and a half and the draft was a nice distraction from everything going on in the world.


Anonymous said...

Overall average? How would you Tony? You don't know shit about sports. Stick to the racist tropes you ply everyday. Leave sports to those of us under 400lbs.

Grip Madlock said...

What grade do the Raiders get?

Far from a Chiefs fan but the rb that the Chiefs took in the 1st round had 15 more receptions out of the backfield than the 1st round WR that Gruden selected