Thursday, April 02, 2020

Kansas City Buck O'Neil Bridge Replacement Plan Stalls Amid COVID-19 Economic Crash

Here's one example out of many that the economic consequence of the pandemic will impact this town FAR into the future . . . Read more:

Plans to replace the Buck O'Neil Bridge hit snag

The plans to replace the Buck O'Neil Bridge are stalled for now. Economic uncertainty is one of them, just because the city and the region are taking a serious hit."So before we are signing onto contracts and that sort of thing, we want to make sure the money is there," Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas said.It is estimated that it will cost $250 million to replace the bridge.


Anonymous said...

maybe wait to have shovel ready for likely $2 trillion infrastructure stimulus package later on.

also, an I-70 widening project should be ready to present.

Anonymous said...

Not likely to happen anytime soon now, parsons said yesterday the state is likely to lose 500 million dollars because of the Kung fu flu shutting down all these businesses, they already cut 180 million from the budget and they are looking for more.

Anonymous said...


Did you hear the one about how Buck O'Neil made it to Broadway???

Byron Funkhouser said...

8:55, what's the "Kung fu flu"?

Do you mean, Covid-19?

There will be no Infrastructure Stimulus Package until the medical emergency is over.

Who's going to do the work if everyone is sick because you're Governor won't do his job?

Anonymous said...

No Byron, he meant the Kung Fu Flu. It was made in a lab in China. And the Governor shouldn’t have to “do” anything. People have been told to stay home. If they’re too damn stupid, well, you’re living proof that you can’t fix stupid.