Saturday, April 18, 2020

Kansas City Blogger Thinks Globally

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In this pandemic, just who are our neighbors?

As we move into the sixth year (well, it feels at least that long) of this COVID-19 pandemic, a few things are becoming clearer. One, as this Christianity Today piece observes, our "neighbor" is not just the person next door...


Anonymous said...

Globalism is dead, Billy. It has failed us. Now shut up, you retired. Remember?

Anonymous said...

His articles always seem to end with seeking to make Christians feel guilty about something.

Anonymous said...


That designer facemask that he's taken to wearing has restricted his oxygen supply, because he's writing that "As we move into the sixth year of this COVID-19 pandemic."

Quoting someone else (because Tammeus doesn't have original thoughts) and enjoying the opportunity to lecture Christians, he repeats the line "In our globally connected age, humans — and Christians in particular — have flaunted our ability to stretch the definition of 'neighbor'."

Now to the heart of Tammeus' duplicity, he quotes another "Are people of faith in America, in response, to rush to the side of the people of Pakistan? Or India? Or Namibia? And if we don't, does that somehow condemn us as hard-hearted people with no moral center?"

Ah yes, Tammeus absolutely loves to dish out guilt-inducing lines for the White liberal sheep who are susceptible to his propaganda prose. And all the while, he holds himself forth as the virtuous, learned, enlightened one, superior to those whom he addresses from his perch above.

He then goes forward, and repeats the racist liberal idiocy that the coronavirus somehow is specifically targeting the Black community. Does Tammeus believe that the virus is man-made, programmed with artificial intelligence and genomic differentiation capabilities? But wouldn't a racist conspiracy (no doubt a White Male Nationalist) also program the virus to especially target Latinos, Asians, etc., along with the Blacks? Apparently not, this mastermind group purposely stopped short of getting all their perceived enemies.

Bill Tammeus lives at the Funny Farm, and can be visited by appointment only. Please wear a facemask and check your brain at the door.

Byron Funkhouser said...

Damn, you're fucking stupid.

Anonymous said...

Damn, Bryon, you are such a mentally ill liar.

Anonymous said...

And yet Flunkhouser, you were COMPLETELY unable to refute any of the points offered!
Call me stupid, call me a Nazi, call me a Trump-loving Republican (I'm none of those labels) … JUST DON'T CALL ME!