Saturday, April 18, 2020

Kansas City Aim4Peace Advocates For Coronavirus Mask Protection

One more glimpse at urban core scarcity AND and organization funded to the tune of millions without any cash to spare in their budget:

Protective masks not affordable in some areas of the metro

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Protective masks have become a common sight around the metro, but not in low income areas. Leaders at AIM for Peace KC are asking the public's health in combating that problem. That non-profit, which has ties to the Kansas City Health Department, is requesting donated cloth masks, which will be given to east Kansas City families in need.


Anonymous said...

No need to read the article. The masks aren't available, regardless of the price. Not an issue of affordability. The reason the experts advised against masks is the lack of masks. The surgical masks are one time use PPE. The public doesn't have a clue how to correctly use PPE. Stay away. Stay home.

Dts said...

^^^ Cloth mask is what CDC recommend to the public. Better than nothing.

But I agree you should stay home and stay away. Please.

Anonymous said...

Blah,blah, blah.. Left whine that poor or minorities can't get masks. They were available in every location prior to and none are available in ANY location now. White, black, poor , rich. Stop the racial blame excuses.

Anonymous said...

Aim4Peace, which has cost taxpayers many millions of dollars, was touted as an "anti-crime" program and came from a professor in, of all places, Chicago.
Just like other "nonprofits" sucking off the public dime, after these clowns clearly have had NO IMPACT whatsoever on violence and homicides, they have to desperately look for yet another way to justify their existence.
Jackson County and KCMO really need to look hard at all the money they waste on groups like this. Maybe the budget shortfalls caused by the virus will finally force people to get serious.

Anonymous said...


1) On March 13, a national emergency was declared BUT nothing was said about wearing face masks in public to contain the spread of the virus. We were told the virus is spread through droplet from coughing, sneezing, etc.

2) Only in April, after cases were reportedly peaking in NY/CA did officials say it might be a good idea to wear a face mask.

3) Every day for over a month now, I see the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Gov. Kelly, Gov. Parsons, Mayor Lucas holding daily press briefings, and none of them wear a face mask.

4) Drs. Fauci and Birx, who are supposedly 2 of the best infectious disease experts in the country, violate their own etiquette rules about social distancing, and neither wears a face mask.

5) In the last week or so, now that the virus has had a month to spread everywhere, the media is reporting an abundance of stories about people making their own masks, donating homemade masks to charities, etc.

6) Within the last couple of days, retailers like WalMart are making it mandatory for employees to wear masks. The national emergency was declared on March 13th!

7) I've never seen President Trump, VP Pence, or Speaker Pelosi wearing a mask. Why does the Secret Service allow the President and VP to be in the same room, without masks, when Drs. Fauci/Birx say that those without symptoms can spread it to others?

All of this is explainable if:
The coronavirus was never more than a slightly stronger version of the annual influenza that kills 30,000 to 60,000 Americans.
None of the well-informed people mentioned above wear a mask, because they know they're not a risk.
The American people have been lied to, scared, and panicked in order to steal trillions of bailout dollars and eliminate more of their Constitutional rights.

Anonymous said...

They do not need masks or other PPE. This group is not an essential function at this time and Aim4Peace "workers" should stay at home. To do otherwise is irresponsible and will surely spread the virus among an already compromised community. They are desperate to be thought of as relevant, they are not. So why, then, do they continue to receive loads of money and are allowed to do and say whatever they want with NO repercussions? They do nothing to support law enforcement and in fact, encourage the "no snitching" code and mindset. This would be true regardless of what else is going on around us. Aren't we all tired of the seemingly endless parade of similar organizations that suck up federal dollars to satisfy personal agendas and actually do nothing to make things better in our communities and support those who are truly in need?