Sunday, April 19, 2020

Jim Gaffigan Talks Kansas City BBQ

Jim Gaffigan American's favorite big, dopey white dude but we like him because his humor has a bit of an edge for those listening closely.

During the pandemic his family meal fun time clips have kept mainstream fans entertained.

However, he has also spoken up about coronavirus testing availability.

Best of all he is using his celebrity to feed frontline workers.

Recently, Jim Gaffigan released a bit dedicated to Kansas City BBQ and it's worthwhile for a midday laugh.

Take a look:


Anonymous said...

Probably more of an edge there than you think. Really funny guy and one of the best comedians out there.

Anonymous said...

I recall when he was playing at the Independence Events Center a few months ago. He absolutely destroyed the restaurant I worked at. We were so incredibly packed and they were all going to see Jim Gaffigan. He's quite a draw.