Thursday, April 02, 2020

Jackson County COMBAT Anti-Crime Program Announces Emergency Funding

The Courthouse sends this important word to local organizations as the effort to maintain the social safety net during the coronavirus pandemic continues. Checkit:

COMBAT announces emergency funding for agencies; apply by April 9

Jackson County COMBAT is stepping up to help those helping others. Agencies operating treatment centers, recovery houses or other facilities providing “in-house” care for individuals with Substance Use Disorders (SUD) may now submit a request for additional emergency funding.

COMBAT recognizes the unique challenges the COVID-19 pandemic poses these agencies and is making this funding available to assist in offsetting expenses associated with the ongoing public health crisis.

Only agencies previously approved to receive 2020 COMBAT funding will be eligible for the emergency funds.

“The men and women still doing their jobs in these facilities are the frontline workers most people haven’t been hearing much about,” said Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker, who oversees the COMBAT program. “They’re unsung heroes. They’ve dedicated their lives to helping some of the most vulnerable individuals in our community try to get their lives on track and stay on the path to recovery.

“That’s not easy work under the best of circumstances.”

Many COMBAT-funded agencies have been proactive, beginning to stock up on cleaning supplies weeks ago and acquiring no-touch thermometers. Their supply lists have expanded to include gloves, masks and other protective gear.

Healing House, Inc., which operates recovery houses serving more than 200 clients in Kansas City’s Northeast neighborhood, even hired a nurse to screen individuals entering its facilities. Healing House and most other treatment providers have eliminated group therapy sessions and other group activities, and are restricting visitors.

“No one was budgeting for a pandemic when our agencies applied for funding last fall,” stated COMBAT Director Vince Ortega. “COMBAT recognizes that for many of them—on top of all the other concerns they have with trying their best to do social distancing in facilities where that’s not easy—this is going to be a big financial hit. We’re offering this emergency funding now to help soften the blow.”

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