Wednesday, April 08, 2020

How-To Guide For Kansas City Grocery Shopping Amid Coronavirus

BBQ sauce remains plentiful but other supplies are scarce . . . Read more:

How to safely grocery shop during coronavirus according to a health department expert

The coronavirus pandemic has turned the task of grocery shopping on its head, as shoppers fear confined spaces full of high-touch surfaces and unscreened strangers. The frenzy is begging a multitude of questions: Is produce safe to eat? When is the best time to shop? Do I need a mask?


Anonymous said...

Meh, it's not that "scarce"

Unless you need toilet paper.

BUT, there are plenty of paper towels and soap.

Do that math and do what must be done.

Happy wiping.

Izzy said...



Anonymous said...

Make certain you touch everything you pass and stop and talk to people about Corona. Mostly without masks, within 2 feet and blocking an aisle. That is current Shopping. Whole foods customers seem to be dumber than the Stereotypical Walmart customer of years.

Anonymous said...

KCMO Health Department Expert?

That is pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

Me and kids got some milk and produce at price chopper (thank god I don't have to shop in kcmo), pretty normal, very few had any masks, actually pretty pleasant, then mowed some, gardened some, repaired a mower, let the kids try out swimming - they didn't think the water was too cold - crazy kids.

I learned that our life is actually called "quarantine" - not much has changed.

Life outside the city really is wonderful...we have such fun and diverse things to do!

you guys stay in the city and play your vidya games and hope they let you out in a few months.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kansascitymag,

Thank you SO much for telling me how to go to the grocery store! I really don't know how I've managed for all these years by myself.